2020 Olympic Games - qualification

  • Dijkema and her amazing sets to middle :wall:

    And Bongearts fast to the middle!:super:

  • The block is working really well so far for the Netherlands this tournament! Daalderop not playing good so far:(

  • Dutch crowd is great

  • Is Sloetjes still ill? What happened to her?

    She is with the team today. In an interview before the match she said she is fit again, but was not able to eat the last few days. Therefore she isn't on full power yet.

  • NED with an awful setter and POL with a gigantic block... It won't end well for NED

  • I missed the first set,can someone tell me the score please?

  • Netherlands get so many chances in the rally, because Beliën, de Kruijf and Schoot are doing great things in defense! Unfortunately Dijkema screwing it up most of the time! And if it isn't her, Daalderop or Buijs just hit the ball as hard as they can in the block:wall:

  • Why do you guys think both coaches play Dijkema? I don't think she is as bad as the hate on her but there must be some reason