2020 Olympic Games - qualification

  • I so don't agree.

    Van Hecke is so overrated here, she was never a top level player. She has her moments when she plays good, but she is never been one to beat bigger opponents.

    I don't say she is an world class opposite, but she could have been one. She shouldn't have gone to Osasco. In Piacenza and Euro 2013 she was great!

    The only thing Grobelna does against bigger opponents is choke, so IMO van Hecke is a better option.

  • maybe you guys are right, at least Van Hecke contributes in ways

  • Belgium looks overwhelmed now

    Yeah. The ball can tell, too. It won't bounce in your favor if it thinks you don't deserve it

  • I told you that Belgium would be no match for Turkey.. That's embarassing

  • Watching Turkey play like this, I wonder what Poland is going to do later. They probably won't want to face them in semifinal, but hey, if you want the ticket you have to beat everyone anyway!

    I wish Poland match was before this, I don't like calculations and it will always leave someone feeling bad...

  • Grobelna isn't good enough for this level! She and Herbots should carry the offensive load, but Herbots has to do it all on her own. Van Hecke is unstable, but so much better than Grobelna:roll:

    It tge old players were on NT they would gave so much chances.

    I think that the main problem its that Grobelna its not a killer but the belgium setter its too weak to improve Grobelna's game.

    Van Gestel would be a ok player if Herborts was a offensive oh. Herborts its a good player and for sure can develop.

    Too bad that Heyman, Lise and Aelb.. are not on the team. Even that defensive OH who played in Turkey would increase Belgium game.

    Belgium made so much noise a couple of years ago... But they for sure not acchieve everything that they could have done on NT.

    They were so much better at that time that this Poland NT.

  • with just one ticket i really cant understand this. Its not like they had a totally different style of play.

  • Cansu Özbay MVP

    She is playing great! I think training with Ognjenovic helped her a lot. She becomes an offensive setter just like Ognjenovic:)