2020 Olympic Games - qualification

  • vabo-chan, you must be a Leo, sir.

    Scorpio 😈

    My apologies to the other Dutch fans that were offended. I was the only Italian person in my entire city wearing orange during the Spain-Netherlands 2010 wch final and I will gladly celebrate for your first world cup title (after Italy wins the Olympic gold of course 😉)

  • POLAND IN 4 sets.

    I will sleep now (2:21 AM here). F*ck NED for having the games when it’s nighttime there. 3:45 AM here for POL-TUR game wtf!


    I was always wondering, are u Polish?

  • Congrats to Germany! Matthias must be proud af! I am always rooting for The Nederlands after Poland, but today my heart was with Germany. They gave it all and finally, their hard work paid off. German NT team is young and after Olympics, when many players retire from other NTs they will have bigger chances to win medals, while e.g. Dutch NT won't be that competitive anymore.

  • Wow congrats Germany! My prediction was correct, Germany was strong enough at the serve line and Netherlands could not find a solution. Caprara is the worst choice when it comes to this, he used to use Neriman and Calderon as receivers in Eczacibasi lol, so no wonder he expected things from Meijners-Daalderop.

    To be honest, I am also happy that Germany which brings lots of younger players and already in transition of generations made it to final, while Netherlands which failed to introduce new players to their squad since last olympics except Daalderop failed. Netherlands should find new youngsters otherwise future won't be bright :(

    When it comes to potential finalists, I don't think Poland can deal with Germany's stubborn serves considering they have Stysiak or Smarzek as 3rd receiver on court in different rotations.

    Lets see how their receiving line will hold against Turkey tonight.

    Hope Turkey will be able to serve strong and keep up a good block/defense system against Poland as they did previously this summer. Good luck girls!

  • trollvolley needs to start his own euro-only olympics, and then he’ll be in hog heaven.

    somehow i think winner of the 2nd semi will go to tokyo, but we’ll see...

    You are so funy, hahahahahaha. NO.


  • Ah i was rooting for NED. In that Freeball interview with Sloetjes, she says they were always close to achieving something great and she really sounds sad about their results. But actually they are an amazing generation and for couple of years a team that was very hard to beat. I hope that this loss doesn't completely throw them off, we need competitive NED:rose:

  • I'm broken;(💔

    It was so sad to see the girls. Buijs and Schoot couldn't stop crying:( Plak and de Kruijf were pissed of. I think no-one should come near to them, especially Caprara!🙈

    Congrats Germany! They played amazing:obey: Great reception and defense. Hanke distributed well. No fear when they had to attack, even when they made an error sometimes. I think espaccialy that made them win this match.

    The Dutch team, what should I say... It says enough that Daalderop a girl of 21 has to carry a team with so many experience. She was the only one playing good next to de Kruijf and Sloëtjes. Sad de Kruijf couldn't contribute more because of the bad reception. Biggest problem as usual Dijkema!!! So predictable only setting position 4. I'm wondering if Beliën got a single set? Also she should have played much more with Sloëtjes. Morrison couldn't change his technical plan during the game, but Caprara can't either! Balkestein-Grothues was so needed in reception. Also de Kruijf had to take over the time-out and he just walked away.

    Bongearts best teammate ever! Cheering on everyone, especially Dijkema. Even though she knows she should play! Afterwards she comforted everyone:heart:You're time will come girl! No Dijkema in the orange jersey anymore please!!!

    BTW big referee mistake at the end of the second set! I don't say it cost them te win, but it could hace gone the other way around?(


    and try to learn English.

    Brava, I'm still giving you :flower:

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    I feel this moment as right time to support crovolley in his a wholehearted fight for rights of european volleyball.

    Maybe Fivb will see this.

  • If anyone comes across HD replay of NED v GER please post. It's one for the library