2020 Olympic Games - qualification

  • In a gym located on planet Earth, Wolosz is still setting fast balls to Smarzek? LMAO gurlll. Take a deep breath and set a high ball to Sytsiak.

    Lots of respect for Sytsiak but she is just not ready to play 5th set. She couldn't turn back mentally. She served twice and missed both. Wolosz destroyed her game. Forcing Smarzek all the time and setting Sytsiak when Smarzek is off.

    What suprised me most was Sytsiak defence. Amazing.

    If Wolosz will be around for Paris'24 and learn that setting fast balls is not "a must", Polond will be in Paris instead of Russia.

    Super proud with Team Turkey. I still can't get that how perfect Meryem was. Big congrats to Eda, she is known with her attacks but she stayed solid on blocking while getting destroyed by setter on slide attack. Also Hande was really good, she deserves more praises.

  • i agree turkey was clear favourite against to polansd. that also makes the result predictable. isn't it?

    the reason for this equal match is about very poor meliha's attack performance. and at the same time lack of middle blockers attack. during whole tournament turkish middle blocker did not show such miserable attacking performance. and that cause such result which makes you proud..

    Result could be predictible as I wrote BEFORE tournament but not before this game. Equal match was because Poland played better and Turkey below their level. That's all. In Your way of thinking I could say match was equal because of lower performance of Smarzek and Polish MB.

  • The good thing about Poland is that they are relatively young. The core girls will be at their peak in Paris. They should keep healthy and commit for the next cycle.

  • I am so devastated. It is unfortunately so typical for Poland to loose several match-points and then the game. Smarzek has been always saving Nawrocki's ass, but for teams led by Guidetti, you need to have something special and Nawrocki just did not have balls to change the tactics. However I doubt that any coach would risk so much and move in the final sets Stysiak to spiker position, let Kowalewska Fedusio and/or Gorecka. Whole Polish bench showed that they were ready and in great shape during this tournament. I am not sure if it was Wolosz idea or Nawrocki to play only with Smarzek-Stysiak duo, but not using Alagierska in attack is such a waste or putting Stenzel for Kakolewska. Wolosz setting in NT team is always below expectations for me. The sets are not adjusted to the spikers. Sets to Stysiak very often too low and too fast, sets to Smarzek much better, but still too often inaqurate. Sets to Kakolewska on her elbow level. I really like Wolosz, but it is hard to understand for me why she is seen as best setter worldwide right now. She may be the fastest one, but her choices in NT especially in crucial moments are terrible. Guidetti once again showed that he is magician. Honestly speaking he had just one star player- Eda and all others are mediocre with good potential (not counting Naz after long break). He had balls to put Ebrar on bench and Meryem did the job and played match of her life. He showed that even if you have very mediocre OHs, you can win the match. Germany has right now the best team in many years since Orthmann joined with good performance, also MBs seemed to improve a lot and they are working like perfectly matched mechanism. So we will see today if emotions will win with the German order:)

  • This might be the last chance for the Thailand older golden girls to make it to the Olympics, and might be KYK’s final Olympic, too. I hope Thailand will get the ticket. It will be an amazing send off to the older generation and an amazing start for the new golden triangle to carry the team.

  • Though injury, Kim yeonkoung on starting line up, and Nootsara is there too.

    Today's key point is service and block. Korea's serve and block are better than thailand, so if korea makes it a lot then korea will win, other wise thailand will.


    Wild. Volleyballworld FIVB official channel is streaming this live? Or am I being faked out

  • Come on Thailand!!Break the host's curse!!!

  • Who's the comedy duo doing the commentary here? :lol:

  • Another match where I dont know who I shall cheer up.

    Too much nerves :sos: