2020 Olympic Games - qualification

  • After the 2:45 long game TUR played yesterday, longer the final match - more advantageous the GER team. TUR’s infamous - bad start / good finish - match plan is not applicable today :) and TUR is already 2-0 ahead in the match, surprisingly.

    Not to mention in Turkish time, which the girls are used the match was yesterday played was until deep in the night. They played like until 02:00 local Turkish time.

  • but when she set the MBs, they didn’t kill either

    Yes when reception was on the net, girls started to feel the match at end of second set... that is so LATE.

  • Yo Meliha! She's been a little quiet

  • Sometimes the other team is just better

    Agree. Sorry but today is all this. Turkey has 0 advantages today, their main killer is tired, their sleeping is a mess due to different time zone, they played two 5 setters back to back with a 31-33 set included.

    You can blame someone and something in Germany but it is 2-0 (25-17, 25-19) and 15-11 current set. One thing or even a few things for that matter aren't going to change this match

  • This must be a horrible feeling for the German girls. To do all the hard work to reach the big match and then just fall apart. ;(

    Lisicki was never good to begin with. Just decent.

    True, but Bartoli wasn't much better so still a golden chance for her.

  • Oh God they are wasting every chance they got....

    And Boz is literally the worst player on the court :what:

  • boz is only at 18%?

    Dont excpect anything from her today lol she dead and needs sleep. Karakurt should play so she can rest tbh

  • Hande sensational, she is better than Natalia and KYK currently lol. EczV flop

  • Meryem Boz needs to get benched or she will end up injured. Clearly not healthy today