Volleyball Rotation

  • http://www.fivb.org/EN/Referee…ules_2017-2020-EN-v06.pdf


    19.1.3 The Libero on court is the Acting Libero. If there is another Libero, he/
    she is the second Libero for the team.
    Only one Libero may be on court at any time.

    19.3.2 Libero Replacements The regular replacement player may replace and be replaced by
    either Libero. The Acting Libero can only be replaced by the regular
    replacement player for that position or by the second Libero

  • thanks so much. this clears everything.

  • Quick question, if I have 13 teams on a tournament, how's the table going to be? Is it 4 3 3 3 or 3 3 3 4? anyone can link me to the FIVB format for this?

    One pool will have 4 and the others will all be three. You might want to give the best seeded teams 1-3 only a 3 team pool, while the other pool would have the 4th seed. Then serpentine 5-8, 9-12 and then 13 with the 4th seed.

  • If one wanna learn quickly about the A to Z rules of the volleyball game (Player Positions, Service Rotations, Specialization etc) in a comprehensive yet very easy to grasp exposition, then try with this guide by the MIT Women's Volleyball Club:


    I'm a lazy learner of all the rules but find out this reference is quite good and helpful within the short reading time! :P

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