South Korea - KOVO V-League 2018/2019 + KOVO Cup 2018

  • Nikoleta Perovic gave up on the tryout because she was tired with visa issues. Whilst Yunieska Batista Robles, Verica Simic, Natalia Dumcheva, and Hanna Kyrychenko failed to get their visa to enter Canada.

    And I think Lianma Flores Stable (?), Slavina Koleva (CS Stiinta Bacau, Romania League) and Tereza Vanzurova (?) can't make it to the tryout because they are still playing for their current club.

    So funny to read this.

    Several players were unable to apply visa and the Korean still put their tryout in Canada where no pro-league there and invited players are playing in Europe. Why they didn't hold tryout in Europe?

  • News Update:

    • IBK Altos announced on May 13th that libero Han Ji-Hyun (HJH) will return to the team for next season. HJH joined IBK at the end of 2017/2018 season from Heungkuk but has not played for IBK since last November in their Round 2 match against GS Caltex. Reports at the time stated that there was a falling out between her and IBK previous head coach Lee Jung-Chul.

      New appointed IBK head coach Kim Woo-Jae has decided to recall HJH to strengthen the team in the libero position. Korean volleyball magazine 'The Spike" reported that HJH is also working on her settings too as a backup for IBK setters. Sources: 1, 2, 3
    • Last Friday, May 24th, KGC Ginseng announced that their setter Lee Jae-Eun (LJE) will be retiring from volleyball. The reason reported is that LJE plans to get married and to start a family. Sources: 1, 2, 3, 4

    BTW, as a result of LJE retirement, Korean volleyball fans are speculating that KGC will now try to make a trade with GS Caltex who now have Lee Go-Eun (which they re-signed in FA period), An Hye-Jin and Yeom Hye-Seon (reward player for lossing OP Pyo Seung-Ju to IBK).

  • News Update:

    • As mentioned in my previous post, Korean volleyball fans have been speculating a potential trade between GS Caltex (GS) and KGC after the announcement of KGC setter Lee Jae-Eun (LJE) retirement.

      Ever since the arrival of setter Yeom Hye-Seon (YHS) as a reward-player from IBK in mid-April, GS has had a surplus of setters in their team. Fans began guessing which team GS would try to trade with and for which players. But once the retirement of LJE was announced, fans focus their attention onto KGC for a possible trade with GS.

      Yesterday (May 28th), fans' speculations were proven to be correct with GS and KGC announcing a 2:1 player trade. The trade will see GS trading setter YHS and MB/OP Lee Young for KGC MB Han Soo-Ji (HSJ), pending medical checks of the players sometime later in the week.

      The report from 'The Spike' also suggests that GS were the team pushing for the trade and not KGC, hence maybe this is why they offered 2 players just to get HSJ. Sources: 1, 2, 3, 4
    • Sorry, I forgot to mention this news update about IBK Altos (IBK) the other day. In an interview with 'The Spike' (May 15), IBK new head coach Kim Woo-Jae mentioned that he had decided to recall one of their former setter Kim Ha-Gyeong (KHG) back as a back-up for Lee Na-Yeon. KHG was drafted by IBK in 2014/2015 Draft (Round 2, 2nd pick), she last play for IBK in the 2016/2017 season and most recently playing for Daegu City Hall. Sources: 1, 2
  • The GS and KGC trade is now official.

    I didn't get to watch as much of the KOVO as I hoped but I remain a dedicated KGC fan and am bummed by this news :mad:

    Although I think GS is my 2nd favorite team, so we'll see how this works out.

    You can catch up on KOVO matches when you are totally bored with no volleyball during this international period. SpoTV on YT (playlist) have most of the games (but they have forgotten to geo unblock some of the videos). The Naver video links will all work but you will need a VPN.

    KGC losing HSJ might be more of a bigger blow for them than they have realised. HSJ successful blocks contributed to a little over 30% of KGC total blocking stats for this past season.

    IMO GS got the better end of the deal.

  • News Update:

    • Korea Expressway Corp. Hi-pass announced on Tuesday (Jul 2nd) that they have recruited MB Yoo Hee-Ok (YHO) from KGC Ginseng. Sources: 1, 2, 3

    Btw, KOVO has recently released the V-League schedule for the new 2019/2020 season, so I will start working on the new season thread soon (hopefully, I will have it up by the end of this weekend). However, please note that KOVO will change this schedule if the Korean Women's NT is able to secure qualification for the Tokyo Olympic in Russia next month.