CEV Challenge Cup 2019

  • We start yet again another European Cups thread discussing a team that is said to withdraw from the European participation...

    Having won the Romanian league last season, Tricolorul Ploiesti suffered a significant budget cut and gave up their Champions League qualification berth. They applied for the Challenge Cup instead and now, with the financial problems deepening, they are said to have withdrawn from that tournament, too. I haven't read an international confirmation on this news yet, so I can't declare it official, but Ploiesti's Challenge Cup Qualification opponent, Levski Sofia from Bulgaria, are said to move automatically to the next round where there are Perungan Pojat Rovaniemi from Finland waiting.

    Let's see how that story unfolds and whether there will be other refusals.

  • Iraklis, who has participated in champions league final four 5 times ,return after 6 years to cev competition and in 10 minutes will play against benfica (laola1tv)

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