Volleyleague Greece 2017-2018

  • Last year Olympiakos took the greek championship, the greek cup and the challenge cup. The greek championship was really bad. Panathinaikos didnt play so in the 1rst round were 11 teams and in the 2nd round only ten teams (also Iraklis Kifisias left). Because all of the 10 teams were going to remain to Volleyleague some teams left their foreign players. Olympiakos lost only two sets in the league from aias evosmou and one in the cup from ao thiras.

    Aris was second. They had three very good foreign players (Grigorovic,Hudima,Liannes Castadena) and almost all their others players were from their young/junior teams. Aris took all the titles in these categories.

    AO Thiras (3rd) had two foreign players (Merkova,Potokar) and three players of the greek national team (Emmanouilidou, Artakianou, Genitsaridi). They played really good in the semi of the cup against Olympiakos but the last years were better.

    Makedones Aksiou were in top-4 for their first time in their history. In the first round they won 3-0 Aris,AO Thiras and Pannaxiakos. They played really good against Olympiakos although they didnt take a set but they had many chances (they lost the last set from 24-20). Their OH hitter Kierra Holst from USA was the top scorer of the greek league and they had also a very good setter from USA. Their coach work very with young players. One of the best greek OH Litsa Merteki learned volleyball in Makedones.

    Pannaxiakos at 2016-2017 was the 2nd time but at 2017-2018 didnt play so good. In the last games was better and managed to play in the final of the cup.

    Aias Evosmou took two sets against Olympiakos and had some very good games.

    The last four teams were Ilioupoli (Sia Totsidou their best players) ,Porfyras, Korinthos and Markopoulo.

  • Kills/attempts (OPP)

    1.Saskia Hippe 50% (Olympiakos)

    2.Simon Liannes Castadena 48% (Aris)

    3.Merkova Vendula 42 % (Thira)

    4.Dalton 38% (Pannaksiakos)

    5.Djuric-Kojic 38% (Aias)

    6.Liagki 36% (Ilioupoli)

    7.Karafoulidou Alkistis 35% (Makedones)

    8.Yeizel 32% (Korinthos)

    9.Komlenovic 32% (Porfyras)

    10.Tsitsigianni 32% (Markopoulo)

    Saskia Hippe said that in her first season in Greek league didnt play so good, but in Olympiakos she finded again her love for volleyball.

  • Kills/attempts (OH)

    1.Niemer 50% (Olympiakos)

    2.Poll 48% (Olympiakos)

    3.Holst 45% (Makedones)

    4.Hudima 41% (Aris)

    5.Potokar 40% (AO Thiras)

    6.Dioti 39% (Pannaksiakos)

    7.Aleksakou 39% (Aris)

    8.Konstantinou 38% (Hlioupoli)

    9.Chounta 37% (Markopoulo)

    10.Nikologianni 36% (Markopoulo)

    -.Totsidou 36% (Hlioupoli)

    Kills/attempts (MB)

    1.Lambrousi 60% (Olympiakos)

    2.Giota 55% (Olympiakos)

    3.Brown 55% (Pannaksiakos)

    4.Konstantinidou El. 54% (Aiantas)

    5.Emmanouilidou 51% (AO Thiras)

    6.Pitta 51% (Aris)

    7.Metaxa 51% (AO Thiras)

    8.Karafoulidou Nik. 50% (Aris)

    9.Dialla 49% (Markopoulo)

    10.Polinopoulou 45% (Makedones)

    -.Kalandazhe 45% (Pannaksiakos)

  • Blocks

    1.Polinopoulou 47 (Makedones)

    2.Emmanouilidou 45 (AO Thiras)

    3.Kalandanze 41 (Pannaxiakos)

    4.Argiriou 38 (Ilioupoli)

    5.Metaxa 38 (AO Thiras)


    1.Niemer 60 (Olympiakos)

    2.Kousi 39 (Aias)

    3.Holst 38 (Makedones)

    4.Pol 37 (Olympiakos)

    -.Karafoulidou Al. 37 (Makedones)

    Reception (OH)

    1.Rapti 59% (Porfyras)

    2.Konstantinou 56% (Hlioupoli)

    3.Klepkou 55% (Aias)

    4.Totsidou 52% (Hlioupoli)

    5.Aleksakou 51% (Aris)

    6.Pol 50% (Olympiakos)

    7.Hudima 49% (Aris)

    8.Niemer 49% (Olympiakos)

    9.Dragoumanou 49% (Porfyras)

    10.Nikologianni 45% (Markopoulo)

  • Reception (L)

    1.Kokkinaki 58% (Olympiakos)

    2.Georgiadou 56% (Aias)

    3.Toulgaridou 55% (Markopoulo)

    4.Chitziou 52% (Aris)

    5.Konomi 51% (Olympiakos)

    6.Iakovidou 51% (Pannaksiakos)

    7.Artakianou 51% (AO Thiras)

    8.Kelesidou 46% (Aris)

    9.Muridou 45% (Makedones)

    10.Skithioti 45% (Ilioupoli)

  • Do you know if Castaneda is going to stay on greek league?