Japan - V.League (Division 1, Women) 2018-2019

  • I think JT will go far again... as long as Mihajlovic is scoring 20-30 points per game.... But she will need help if they want to win it all.

    I noticed Ageo is not overloading Barun and this will be great for the long run....and if Jaja can produce I think they will be a contender.

    Laura Heryrman must have some minor injury or not fully fit that`s why she not starting.

    Jana Kulan is a big hitter...she can score a lot and play OH as well.

  • I just don't know if Brankica can carry the team. JT lost three of their best players and didn't get anything in return. I'm not writing them off, just leaving it as a question mark.

    You're familiar with the other foreigners. I'm not. They may provide big changes. I like "Keti" quite a bit so far and agree Ageo might sneak in there. Jaja is going to score a lot if she gets the ball. Ageo also has a promising rookie #29 Yuri Yoshino. Keep an eye on her. And new acquisition #10 Yuka Sato.

    Ageo is staying with Denso in this first set tonight, but Denso started a couple 2nd stringers. No Ari Tahara :(

  • I think Jaja should get more sets from the setter that 3rd sets is evident that Jaja can play fast set. And urggg, Keti not playing in her usualself...

    Bit of a bummer there with a service error at match point. I hate when that happens :pinch:

    I agree about Jaja, she could be the key to the whole thing.

  • The first sign that your team has good chemistry is ... defense happens. This is what I'm seeing from Toyota. I'm bummed Momoko Higane is not setting, though. Not my night for setter love

    NEC is having reception issues. They look like last year's team :(

  • So any news on Rhamat yet? I dont know how the v-league operate but do they make injuries or visa or any other issues public?

    I imagine there might be some news out there in the social media world ... in Japanese. I've never had luck learning anything about the status of players from their official web sites. I do see her at end court tonight, not in uniform.

  • JT had complete control of this match, but Hisamitsu is about to turn it around. JT playing good defense, Tanaka hitting well, and Brankica is this giant blob of confidence. Hisamitsu are silent assassin professionals, Imamura keeping them in the game. If Brankica goes to the Dark Side, JT loses.

  • Sat 10 Nov 2018 Day 3 Results

    Home Team Away Team
    Set 1
    Set 2 Set 3 Set 4 Set 5 Total Stats
    Denso Airybees
    3–0 Ageo Medics
    25-21 25-22 25-23 75-66 Stats
    Toray Arrows
    3–1 Okayama Seagulls
    25-14 16-25 25-23 25-22 91-84 Stats
    NEC Red Rockets
    0–3 Toyota Body Queens
    17-25 20-25 18-25 55-75 Stats
    PFU BlueCats
    0–3 Kurobe AquaFairies
    18-25 19-25 28-30 65-80 Stats
    JT Marvelous
    3-2 Hisamitsu Springs
    25-20 21-25 14-25 25-19 15-10 100-99 Stats

    JT Marvelous (3-2) Hisamitsu Springs (25–20, 21-25, 14-25, 25-19, 15-10)

    That was entertainment. Tanaka was a beast. JT could feel good even if they lost the match. Going down 14-25 in Set three had to crush a little spirit. But they persevered. They stuck to defense and reception. Remained firm in commitment. Hung with their Captain. Then the points came back. Impressive. Brankica took a million swings and felt like scoring. She's a great tipper.

  • Game 1:

    11:00 (JST) Denso Airybees v Hitachi Rivale

    Denso: Otake, Ishida, and My Little Sweet Pea are not playing. Denso look rusty. Sinéad is on her third hairstyle in three games, looking good, not playing enough. Nabeya struggling. Reina Toukoku has subbed in, playing with confidence--nice to see her get some time. This alternative setter, Kozue--who puts her first on her shirt, which is cool because it's a cool name (Sinéad should do the same)--is good enough I'm not too grumpy about missing Ari.

    Hitachi: Watanabe is not playing. I was hoping we'd gotten to a place where she'd play every minute of every game. Tall rookie MB Irisawa got the start again. Hitachi is playing defense. Their liberos, who aren't named Arisa (but one is named Saito and isn't wearing a libero uniform) aren't bad at all. It's nice seeing Hitachi play with a renewed energy with some newish B Teamers. #19 OH Miyu Kubota is particularly impressive at swinging.

    Sinéad just went to high-five Kozue and smacked her in the side of the head by mistake :)