Japan - V.League V1 (Division 1, Women) 2018-2019

  • Okayama wins 31-29 in set 2. Super super volleyball

  • I feel now that I've put my love on Okayama they can Start winning :lol:

    They're up 2 sets to 1 and it's a long way to go, but they just look the better team right now

  • OMG

  • Okayama gets the first win for the promoted teams today. Neriman with 40 for the Queenseis in the loss.

    Hitachi wins again in 5 sets. Through their 10 matches, their are -10 on points scored vs lost.

  • Sun 9 Dec 2018 Day 12 Results

    Home Team Away Team
    Set 1
    Set 2 Set 3 Set 4 Set 5 Total Stats
    PFU BlueCats 1-3
    Kurobe AquaFairies 20-25 25-20 23-25 22-25 90-95 Stats
    Hisamitsu Springs 3-1 Toray Arrows 25-19 15-25 25-22 25-22 90-88 Stats
    Denso Airybees 0-3 NEC Red Rockets 22-25 21-25 19-25 62-75 Stats
    Toyota Body Queens 1-3 Okayama Seagulls 28-26 29-31 22-25 20-25 99-107 Stats
    Hitachi Rivale 3-2 Saitama Ageo Medics 25-21 25-21 20-25 20-25 15-9 105-99 Stats

    Exciting night of volleyball

    Ebata (15/49) returns to the court for PFU. Kurobe is 2-0 against PFU.

    Hisamitsu plays better at the end of sets. That's what winners do. But they've looked vulnerable to both Toray and Toyota. JT beat them, and now here comes the red hot Seagulls. The Western Conference. They may lose a few games. Foluke (21/31). Kurogo 23/49. Mari Horikawa came in and took a few swings. I wonder why she's not playing.

    Denso is not going to fulfill my expectations if Nabeya (4/27) can't be consistently good. Her ups and downs are not going to cut it. Rei Kudo (4/12) before being benched in set 2. #20 Reina Toukoku came in for her and hit reasonably well (11/30), but reception was a disaster for everyone. Sinéad (5/11, 3 blocks) is not having the impact needed. Denso looks completely out of sorts. I secretly wanted them to win because I have high hopes and expectations for them. NEC is a lost cause. Still have high hopes, but expectations are greatly diminished. This Mach II Lineup of Shiori Aratani (12/29), Mizuki Yanagita (13/38), and Shimamura (6/14, 3 blocks) is doing okay but Sarina Koga (9/30) continues to coast. Kana Ono ((2/10) struggled, Kaori Ueno (3/6) took over for her in set 2 and brought a kill block and an ace serve that announced the NEC win.

    Toyota didn't play poorly until complete desperation took over and everything went to Neriman (39/84 -- in 4 sets), Okayama simply came out of nowhere and played better than them. I've said this about previous matches, and I'll say it about future matches, but this was the most exciting game of defensive volleyball I've ever seen on Okayama's part. It wasn't just a crazy dig here and there. It was non-stop craziness. Toyota also played good defense but Okayama brought compelling offense. MB # 28 Aimi Kawashima (14/23), 2 blocks) was the highlight. If you want to see what I mean by the rhythm of the MB HULK SMASH that foreigner MBs don't have yet (in Japan), check this girl, especially toward the end of the match. It was Serbia level awesome. Kills like hers have a debilitating effect on the opponent. Okayama played 13 of its 14 players, one of whom, Mai? Oikawa (4/7), just joined their already 26 person roster. Every player on the team deserves a shout out, but numbers don't tell the story. You could see mental toughness on every one of their pixelated faces. The only disappointment, if you can call it that, is that #5 Wonder Woman Mizuki Ugajin was 0/0 and hardly played. Can't wait for a re-watch in HD 30 days from now

    Hitachi wins another 5-setter! Mai Irasawa (10/25, 11 blocks!) just won't stop. It's great to see #9 Hisae Watanabe (27/61, 2 Aces) playing full time, and Miwako Osanai (20/55) bringing it to reception and serving. Osanai had only one ace but her jump serve is smokin'. It puts the other team on their heels. The downside to these two performing as they should is that rookie youngster #18 Ruriko Uesaka has lost her spot. Newcomer #19 Miyu Kubota (11/30) is still solid at OP. Miya Sato is doing wonders with this young squad. Hitachi is the ice bag team. They need it with these 5-setters.

    A complete night of satisfying, exciting, enjoyable volleyball. Club World Championship, Schmlub World Championship.

  • Standings 2018.12.09 -- after Week 6 (12 competition days)


    1 NEC Red Rockets 20 6 5
    2 Denso Airybees 18 6 4
    3 Hitachi Rivale 15 7 3
    4 Saitama Ageo Medics 12 4 5
    5 KUROBE Aqua Fairies 7 2 8
    6 PFU Blue Cats 2 0 10


    1 Hisamitsu Springs 22 7 1
    2 JT Marvelous 21 7 2
    3 Toyota Body Queens
    20 7 3
    4 Toray Arrows 11 4 4
    5 Okayama Seagulls 8 2 7


    # Team MP W L S Pts
    1. Hisamitsu Springs 8 7 1 23:6 22
    2. JT Marvelous
    9 7 2 25:14 21
    3. Toyota Body Queens
    10 7 3 23:15 20
    4. NEC Red Rockets
    11 6 5 22:17 20
    5. Denso Airybees
    10 6 4 20:14 18
    6. Hitachi Rivale
    10 7 3 24:21 15
    7. Saitama Ageo Medics
    9 4 5 15:18 12
    8. Toray Arrows
    8 4 4 14:16 11
    9. Okayama Seagulls
    9 2 7 15:24 8
    10. Kurobe Aqua Fairies
    10 2 8 11:25 7
    11. PFU Blue Cats
    10 0 10 8:30 2


    # Team BECAUSE W L
    1. Okayama Seagulls Defense rules. They try the hardest. Pure Chaos. A beautiful mess. Foreigner free. Unconventional. HD streams have brought Haruka Miyashita back into my life. Coach is kind of a clown. Maybe being on a 26+ person roster makes you try harder
    2 7
    2. Hitachi Rivale
    Six of their seven wins have been 5-setters, for my enjoyment. 15 points from 7 wins. Comical. They're mostly kids. Seeing the development of rookie Mai Irasawa happen in public is beautiful. Foreigner free
    7 3
    3. Kurobe Aqua Fairies
    They're the best losers. The most joyful team in the league. Rina Hiratani is always blushing. The quintessential Japanese team: great passing and reception; scrappy defense; difficulty winning
    2 8
    4. Toyota Body Queens
    The 3-point shot. They're talented. Solid, reliable middle blockers. Saori Takahashi has premium in her gas tank this year. Momoko Higane:heart: Neriman is an underrated blocker
    7 3
    5. Hisamitsu Springs
    Foluke. Still the coolest looking volleyball player in the world. Risa Shinnabe is playing almost perfect volleyball. I can't decide if I'm going to nickname Yuka Imamura The Cannon or The Sniper. She's both
    7 1
    6. NEC Red Rockets
    Till Death Do Us Part
    6 5
    7. Denso Airybees
    They're the Un-Team. Unpredictable. Unreliable. Uncertain. Unbelievable. Unconvincing. Unknown
    6 4
    8. JT Marvelous
    They're a skilled bunch. They don't take shit lightly, but it's sad to see them go from funky rapscallions to serious warriors. Brankica's Euro-sensibility needs a little sweetener. Relax girl. There's joy in the people around you
    7 2
    9. Saitama Ageo Medics
    Jaja looks a little overwhelmed but it hasn't stopped her. It makes you want to root for her. A little too foreigner heavy. Coach is almost Euro-style grumpy old man
    4 5
    10. Toray Arrows
    Love After Dark's skills don't match the 'tude she's coppin'. Mari Horikawa is still MIA. Foreigner is a little style challenged. I don't even know who their libero or setter are. That's fatal
    4 4
    11. PFU Blue Cats
    I want them to win a game, unless it's against NEC, Hitachi, or Kurobe. Add Okayama to that list
    0 10

    Break time until Saturday, January 5, 2019

  • omg I remember when I randomly decided to watch a Okayama Seagulls match recently I quite liked one of their MBs, that must have been Kawashima. Keeping an eye on her

  • Empress Cup goes the next two weekends.

    First Round 12/14

    A. Japan Women's College of Physical Education vs. Kinrankai HS (Airi Miyabe's old school)

    B. Kurobe vs. National Institute of Fitness & Sports in Kanoya

    C. Matsuyama Shinonome College vs. JA Gifu

    D. Kyushu Bunka Gakuen HS vs. Juntendo University

    E. University of Tsukuba vs. Victorina Himeji

    F. PFU Blue Cats vs. Furukawa Gakuen HS

    G. Higashi Kyushu Ryukoku HS vs. Hokusho University

    H. Okayama vs. Chukyo University

    Second Round 12/15

    I. Hisamitsu vs. A winner

    J. Hitachi vs. B winner

    K. NEC vs. C winner

    L. Denso vs. D winner

    M. Toyota Auto Body Queenseis vs. E winner

    N. Toray vs. F winner

    O. Saitama Ageo vs. G winner

    P. JT Marvelous vs. H winer

    Third Round 12/16

    I winner vs. J winner

    K winner vs. L winner

    M winner vs. N winner

    O winner vs. P winner

    Semifinals 12/22

    I-J winner vs. K-L winner

    M-N winner vs. O-P winner

    Championship 12/23

    Semifinal winners

  • Empress Cup goes the next two weekends.

    This is so exciting. Victorina Himeji is competing. We'll see if they have any metal when and if they get past the school kids

  • brahmin Do you know who this new SeaGull is and/or where she came from? She got a lot of camera and court time in the game against Toyota for someone who just joined a 26 person roster on 2018-11-29.

    及川 真夢

    Oikawa is the family name. What would you translate her given name as? Mai? Mari? True Dream?

  • Okayama is interesting. This Oikawa girl looks very very comfortable with her extended camera and court time. She is ostensibly a middle blocker. She starts a play in the middle with her arms up in the air like a good middle blocker. With Miyashita to her right they go up to attempt a block. Failing that, Oikawa fades to the wing and comes in like an OP for the kill. The very next play she fades left and does a typical MB slide to the right. Fascinating.

  • Cool, thanks. She must have been a star there. She already has a youtube highlight video from the one game she's played at club level (taken from the broadcast in HD, not a butt stalker fan cam, which also shows a few of Okayama's wonderful defensive plays against Toyota)

  • Highlights from Week 6

    Sat 08 DEC 2018

    Denso Airybees v PFU BlueCats (3-0) (25-21 25-21 25-16) Stats

    Nabeya in rare form, a half dozen high jumpin' kills. Ari and Sinéad attempt the HULK SMASH a couple times

    Hisamitsu Springs v Toyota Body Queens (3-0) (25-21 25-23 32-30) Stats

    Imamura. Foluke

    Saitama Ageo Medics v NEC Red Rockets (3-0) (27-25 25-17 25-19) V.TV Stats

    vtv no highlights

    Hitachi Rivale v Kurobe AquaFairies (3-0) (26-24 25-21 25-19) Stats

    JT Marvelous v Okayama Seagulls (3-0) (25-22 25-22 25-18) Stats

    Sun 09 DEC 2018

    PFU BlueCats v Kurobe AquaFairies (1-3) (20-25 25-20 23-25 22-25) Stats

    Hisamitsu Springs v Toray Arrows (3-1) (25-19 15-25 25-22 25-22) Stats

    Foluke can almost HULK SMASH a slider

    Denso Airybees v NEC Red Rockets (0-3) (22-25 21-25 19-25) Stats

    Aratani and Yanagita. Nothing from Koga. A good look at one of Kaori Ueno's curve ball serves.

    Toyota Body Queens v Okayama Seagulls (1-3) (28-26 29-31 22-25 20-25) Stats

    The highlight people have a wing spiker bias. Too bad, it was the middle-blockers who won the offensive game for Okayama

    Hitachi Rivale v Saitama Ageo Medics (3-2) (25-21 25-21 20-25 20-25 15-9) Stats

    I wish Hitachi could win more efficiently. The 2nd half of their season is going to be tougher. They haven't played Hisamitsu, NEC, or Toray yet.

    Enjoy the Empress Cup December 14–23, 2018

    V1 games resume January 5, 2019

  • Ageo's coach is the US NT's former coach before Lang Ping, isn't he?

    Apparently so. Google confirms.

  • volley transfers - Imoco Volley: Lowe arrives (Nagaoka definitely returns to Japan)


    That article mentions the Hisamitsu web site confirms Nagaoka's return. There is a mention on the Hisamitsu news feed:

    News of his return by Miyu Nagaoka player injury with this result when you click on it:

    The requested URL /topics/2018/12/20181211_2326.html was not found on this server.

    That's how Japanese web sites work. Maybe it will show up later.

  • Sachiko Sugiyama who is my all time fave Japanese MB. :set:

    I was looking for some youtube about an MB I like from Victorina Himeji, Rie Takaki, who apparently used to play for JT Marvelous. I came across this video of JT v NEC which showed Sugiyama doing a pretty decent HULK SMASH

    queued up to the play:

    For kicks, here's Okayama's Kawashima imitating her:

    Not quite, but almost :super: A HULK SMASH has two requirements:

    1. the attacker has to start her swing before the ball leaves the setter's hands
    2. the attacker and the ball have to both be going UP when contact is made

    They're close.