Japan - V.League V1 (Division 1, Women) 2018-2019

  • Mihajlovic, rhamat, suelle, heryman & akinradewo - confirmed will not be back.

    Kulan, neriman, santiago - confirmed will be back next season.

    Keti, freya, doris and chatchuon - no news yet?

    Where do you get the confirmations?

    Heard anything re: Kaewkalaya Kamulthala?

  • Sarina Koga went to a Catholic Girls' High School rooted in the teachings of Christ --Kumamoto Shin-ai-- before her big splash on the international volleyball stage.

    "Holy, bright, beautiful"

    I think that's her in white. She's a showboat :dance6:

  • This week's Transfer sheet (Source

    • Fumika Moriya MB Hisamitsu Transfer Hope
    • Mana Ishikawa Toray Arrows Transfer Hope
    • Wakaba Sugihara Toray Arrows Transfer Hope
    • Kaori Mabashi Hitachi Transfer Hope
  • Okayama NoSmiler News: Source Nothing on the Okayama site, nothing on the V.League site but a picture is worth a thousand words:

    Aoi An Furukawa

    She's 186cm at 16 years old (2002-07-27) and apparently has either dropped out of High School or just quit her high school VB team. The usual Google Translation cautions apply: 高校は退学し、既にチームに合流している。

    Reading about the wide roster preparing for the upcoming U18 WCh, here. She was on the U17 roster last year, but didn't appear to get any playing time. She was also not chosen to participate in the Cornacchia World Cup earlier this year.

    Furukawa has said, "I want to be in the early players that can contribute to the team victory. Future goal is to be active in the All-Japan".

  • Aoi An Furukawa might have a younger sister, Airi Furukawa, in Junior HS who's already 183cm and recently won the MVP at the Junior Olympics

    Might just be another tall youngster named A. Furukawa. Airi goes to school in Kagoshima Prefecture, while Aoi An went to school in Kanagawa Prefecture. On a map they look far away from one another. Kagoshima is down by Okinawa, Kanagawa is near Tokyo.

  • Considering their junior high school and their faces (Aoi An's father is Nigerian), both aren't sisters I guess.

    Furukawa is relatively a polular last name in Japan:teach:

  • Kurobe lot of players resigned.

    Interesting how the team will play with new players also their foreign players resigned.

    Almost all foreign players resigned for next season.


    #2 Natsuno Kurami

    #3 Nanami Wasai

    #8 Mizuki Minami

    #10 Naomi Kanno

    #11 Rina Hiratani

    #19 Freya Aelbrecht

    Kurobe was all about #3 Nanami Wasai and #11 Rina Hiratani for me. And Freya partying with them.

    #2 Natsuno Kurami was their best middle blocker, with a great serve. This is tragic.

    Kurobe's two best hitters left are strict OPs, their Captain #1 Saki Maruyama (C), and southpaw #12 Akane Ukishima. I can't see either one moving to the left side.

    Kurobe is way up there in the northern nowhere LOL (by PFU). Draft prospects may be slim. They do have a super super cute college kid, Lanai Shiraiwa, as OH but I don't know if she's any good. Only ever saw her serve sub.

    Kurobe's gonna plummet the Entertainment Value Index :(

  • It's freaking me out to learn how many of these Japanese Volleyball players went to Devout Christian High Schools.

  • There are tons of private schools in Japan. Many of them are probably Christian denomination, however the number of Christians (be it Catholic, Protestant, etc) is only 1.5% of the population.

    High school players can play with professional teams in Japan while in high school. Miyashita did it for the Seagulls previously.

  • Leaving news:


    Momoko Higane (S) is retiring :(

    Mio Satō (L) hope for transfer

    Okayama retirees:

    Hikari Isobe

    Mayu Takada

    Hinako Hayashi

    Koyuki Okusu - Good MB :(

    Hibiki Shimotsukasa


    Moemi Toi retiring :(

    Kaori Mabashi wants a transfer. She was a bright bulb in HS and a few U-tournaments but she's got too many hitters in front of her to get anywhere with Hitachi

    I may stop paying attention to this stuff because it's sad. Sad when players I enjoy will no longer bring me joy (I have abandonment issues ;( ) and sad for players who tried the volleyball thing and it just didn't work out. And I don't like Toyota's other setter X( I demand Momoko's sister Minami assume the starting role for Hisamitsu. I'll squint my eyes and pretend I'm watching Momoko.

    I hope the "I wanna Quit" season ends soon :(

  • the number of Christians (be it Catholic, Protestant, etc) is only 1.5% of the population

    That's why it surprises me.

    I recently read on Mizuki Yanagita's instatwit, or somewhere, that she likes God-friendly cafes.