Japan - V.League V1 (Division 1, Women) 2018-2019

  • will there be new thread? Japan League released official schedule for V. League. It's in PDF Form. can't translate the words. Help Pls

    I’ll get on it

  • Yeah, untranslatable jpgs and pdfs. Jerks.

    I did read on another site that:

    ● Premier Conference

    1 Hisamitsu Springs (V1 / 1 place)

    2 DENSO Airybees (V1 / 5-position)

    3 NEC Red Rockets (V1 / 6-position)

    4 Hitachi Rivale (V1 / 8-position)

    5 Okayama Seagulls (V1 / 9 of )

    6 Victorina Himeji (V2 / 1-position)

    ● Star Conference

    1 Toray Arrows (V1 / 2-position)

    2 JT Marvelous (V1 / 3-position)

    3 Toyota Auto Body Quincy's (V1 / 4-position)

    4 Saitama Ageo Medics (V1 / 7-position)

    5 KUROBE Aqua Fairies (V1 / # 10)

    6 PFU Blue Cats (V1 / 11-position)

    Season kicks off October 12 - and appears to end at the end of December, with the Final Round in January.

    This is hard to translate/figure out:

    "Divide the 12 teams into six-team premier conferences and star conferences, each with a V/regular round of third-round brute-style. The Premier and star conference exchanges are played in a total of 36 matches per round.

    The V-final stage will be performed by the top teams of the V and regular rounds of both conferences."

    I can't figure out the math.


  • How about the schedule?

    I was able to translate the one last year that was just like the one you see posted. For some reason this year it's not happening. I'll work on it.

  • Simple schedule breakdown.

    Each team plays in its conference 3x for 15 matches.

    Then they will play each team from the other conference 1x for 6 matches, for a total of 21 matches in the regular season.

    Top 4 teams from each conference make the Final Stage (playoffs).

    Bottom 2 teams may face relegation playoffs, this was not mentioned, however with last year as a base to look at, I think that it will be the same.

    Google translate sometimes does good and other times not so good with Japanese.

    Many matchdays will have 2 games in 1 arena (1 home team and 1 neutral site match), some just 1 game (in team’s primary or secondary base), and sometimes 3 games (1 home team and 2 neutral site matches).

    MyNameIst, are you going to go to Japan? If you are it is easier to say when you are going and to give you a schedule of possible matches.

    There are too many matches to list in the text boxes (too many letters) on the board, let alone each venue with those matches easily. For the playoffs no problem but regular season it won’t fit.