Greece - Volley League 2018-19

  • Partecipating teams:

    Ethnikos Alexandroupolis

    Foinikas Syro

    Iraklis Chalkidas

    Iraklis Thessalonikis







    Ethnikos Pireaus withdrawn from the league.

  • 600px bisection vertical Black HEX-F7C602.svg AEK

    S: Argentina Edgardo Lioca, Giōrgos Droukarīs, Nikos Īliakopoulos
    OPP: Giōrgos Tzioumakas, Īraklīs Papadopoulos
    OH: Brasile Daniel Maciel, Brasile Deivid Mota, Īlias Lappas, Giannīs Mantekas, Alexandros Mazōnakīs

    MB: Dīmītrīs Charalampidīs, Chrīstos Koulocherīs, Nikos Mauraganīs, Gerasimos Kanellos, Kōstas Dīmoudīs
    L: Dīmītrīs Gkaras, Anastasios Sōnakīs

    Coach: Nikos Neofytos

    Ethnikos Alexandroupolis:

    Foinikas Syro:

    Iraklis Chalkidas:

  • Iraklis Thessalonikis:



    Olympiakos Olympiakos:

    S: Finlandia Eemi Tervaportti - Kōnstantinos Stivachtīs

    OPP: Canada Gavin Schmitt - Nikos Zoupanīs (also MB)

    OH: Paesi Bassi Jeroen Rauwerdink - Rafaīl Koumentakīs - Andreas Fragkos - Kōnstantinos Christofidelīs

    MB: Germania Marcus Böhme - Giōrgos Petreas - Andreas Andreadīs - Paraskeuas Tselios

    L: Theologos Daridīs - Giōrgos Stefanou

    Coach: Spagna Fernando Muñoz Benitez

  • 600px striped Black White divided White upper right - lower left.svg PAOK:

    S: Dmytro Filippov - Thanasis Terzīs

    OPP: Mitar Đurić - Alexandros Mpoutos
    OH: Cuba Javier Jiménez - Israele Alexander Shafranovich - Eugkeni Gkortsaniouk - Kōstas Kapetanidīs
    MB: Serbia Aleksandar Okolić - Venezuela Iván Márquez - Giannīs Takouridīs - Tasos Gatsīs
    L: Nikītas Efraimidīs - Dīmītrīs Kōnstantinidīs

    Coach: Romania Sergiu Stancu



  • league-cup.jpg

    Yesterday started the League Cup "Nikos Samaras". PAOK won the first two matches against Komotini 3-0 (Djuric 19/29) and Ethnikos Alexandroupolis 3-0.

  • Thanks. I'll try to write all the rosters in the next days. I really like the greek league.

    Olympiakos once again looks stronger on the paper. Let's see if PAOK will beat them this season.

  • After Ethnikos Pirea another greek team will not play (Iraklis Chalkidas). Now they are 10 teams but it will not be a new draw, so only 4 matches each week.

    The SFs of league cup will be:



  • no money...also they didnt take part in the league cup

    Moreover Masiel had serious problems and will not play volley this year, Mantekas had problems with his job, left AEK for Iraklis Chalkidas and finally will play in switzerland. Filip Stoilović and Giannis Markou will replace them.

  • 1st week

    Iraklis - Kifisia 3-0

    Sotiriou 11 (6/12) - Hunt 13 (12/35)

    Pamvohaikos - Foinikas 3-0

    Oliveira 15 (12/20), Gladstone 15 (8/12) - Evandro 12 (11/18)

    Komotini - PAOK 2-3

    Dalakouras 20 (17/37) - Djuric 13 (11/29),Gkortsianuk 13 (8/26)

  • Almost every season in the first matches they dont play good. Also its common for them to change players during the season.

  • Panathinaikos and Olympiakos are playing their hearts out in the derby. PAO surprisingly played on the same level of Olympiakos in this first set. The red-whites won it anyway...

  • Not sure how I can say it, but PAOK looks way weaker than last seaso

    No its not....We have a new team...Jimenez arrived from Cuba 3 days ago and i just want our players will not get injured..esp Djuric

  • Fourth set goes to Panathinaikos. The greens are fighting and showing way more heart than the all-stars Olympiakos so far. :obey:

    Yordanov killed the opponents' passing from the service line. The others did their part. They're all playing amazing.