2018 FIVB Men's Club World Championship (11/26 to 12/2)

  • Vettori still annoys me but Kovacevic-Russell carried his butt all season long I bet they can't even be mad at him anymore that they have to make even less mistakes to compensate for his errors. He's like the zombies in a post-apocalyptic world that his teammates have to deal with in order to survive. :lol: I actually like Nelli is not titular so when Vettori screws himself, there's an improvement when he comes in as substitute. :gone:

    You are right, Vettori is not a reliable player. Anyway, I saw him better than last year: more confidence and more fire in his eyes...at least a bit. I thought he would have choked in crucial games but he had decent performances and that allowed Trento to grab the title. Of course the other spikers are the ones to go to in the crucial moments. Just to say he looks better than the complete zero he was last year..