Other European leagues 2018-2019

  • Benfica won the Portuguese Supercup after prevailing against Sporting Lisbon 3-0 (25-22, 27-25, 36-34).

    Benfica: Hugo Gaspar (17), Peter Wohlfahrtstätter (11), Frederic Winters (10), Marc-Anthony Honore (8), Andre Lopes (5), Tiago Violas, Ivo Casas - libero, Theo Lopes (9), Flavio Soares (1), Nuno Pinheiro, Rafael Oliveira.

    Sporting: Nikolay Nikolov (13), Lionel Marshall (9), Todor Aleksiev (5), Wallace Martins (4), Helio Sanches (5), Guillermo Hernan, Hugo Ribeiro - libero, Miguel Maia (1), Roberto Reis (7), Andre Brown (5), Angel Dennis (12).


    Sporting created a strong team over the summer with the ambition to stop Benfica. Now they lost the first title of the season. Although Sporting's selection is rather experienced and not quite fresh, the championship battle between the two Lisbon-based clubs promises to be interesting.

  • CV Teruel claim Spanish Supercup. Andrés Villena received the award for the Most Valuable Player.


    CV Teruel - Unicaja Almería 3:0 25-13 (20´), 25-17 (19´), 25-23 (29´)

    CV Teruel: Radunovic (9), Fornés (7), Bugallo (8), Rangel (4), Villena (14), Ereu (12), Gámiz (Líbero). También jugaron: Rodríguez (-), Colito (-), Jovanovic (-).

    Unicaja Almería: Lorente (-),Macarro (2), Ruiz B. (4), Iribarne (2), Fayola (14), Ruiz F (-), Fernández (Líbero). También jugaron: Monfort (1), Parres (1), Almansa (6),


  • And a few months after I wrote about Benfica's Supercup win over Sporting, the Reds have won the championship final series by 3-1 wins. Last night they defeated Sporting away 3-1 (19-25, 25-23, 25-16, 25-19) and became champions! The reigning champions and the team with allegedly bigger investments (based on the recruited players this season) have been defeated, Benfica regains the title two years later.


  • CV Teruel regained the Spanish title by giving no chances to Unicaja Almeria in the final play-offs. 3 times 3-0! They won the last match away in Almeria (25-23, 25-23, 25-19). This is the club's 7th title altogether and all of them have been won since 2009! Not a bad achievement for a volleyball club that was founded in 1991.


  • After a series of away wins (2 each), Greenyard Maaseik and Roeselare are tied 2-2 in the final play-off in Belgium. I think it is a best-of-5 format in Belgium, so last night's win was vital for Roeselare. The 5th match is scheduled for Saturday, May 11.

    Noliko won the title last year, having ceased Roeselare's 6-year-long dominance.

  • And another away win decided the outcome of the championship in favour of Greenyard Maaseik! Roeselare - Maaseik 2-3 (25-22, 25-23, 16-25, 19-25, 13-15) in game 5 and the title remains in Maaseik, having won the last 3 sets of the season for the much needed comeback.


  • The runner-up of the regular season, Orion Doetinchem, won the final play-off series against the favourites Abiant/Lycurgus Groningen in the Netherlands. A 3-2 away win in game 5 sealed the deal for Orion.

  • Sliedrecht was runner-up. Orion was 3rd ranked after regular season. :)

    Dutch vibes to you, brother Yavor. :win:

    Correct, my mistake! There was a misleading number in FlashScore (if you check the final play-off only), hence the mistake!

    Thanks for the correction! Dutch vibes back to you! Or whatever vibes you need :D