Germany - Volleyball Bundesliga (VBL) 2018-19

  • ..... For sure they should be a more competitive team than 2015 but having seen Friedrichshafen beat Frankfurt on Tuesday i have my doubts that a victory is possible.....

    While the first part of the phrase imo is still true, in the end it did not reflect in the result. After an embattled first set, Friedrichshafen simply outplayed Lüneburg and the final became pretty onesided. As Lüneburg's coach put it, 2 or three players haven't performed as they are capable of and so there was no chance to beat Friedrichshafen this time.

    By the way, Heynen announced after the final that he will leave Friedrichshafen after the season, in order to focus on the polish NT.

  • while Berlins ony tough match is the one in Lüneburg

    Berlin took that hurdle too and won in Lüneburg. Meanwhile its their 7th consecutive win in the league and in theory they even can still reach the first place.

    Ranking: https://www.volleyball-bundesl…tabelle/1blm_normal.xhtml

    Some impressions from the match:…ght-in-der-gellersenhalle

  • The last matches of the main round were played yesterday and we have a final standing and the setting for the playoffs:

    VfB Friedrichshafen (1) vs. Bühl (8)

    Alpenvolleys (2) vs. Herrsching (7)

    Berlin (3) vs. Düren (6)

    Lüneburg (4) vs. United Volleys (5)

    final ranking

    Berlin's strong finish wasn't enough to climb any further but meanwhile they look like the team they wanted to be much earlier in the season. Grankin's addition made every player more confident and relaxed and suddenly they can win the tight sets/matches as well. Especially Ben Patch is playing like a boss now and can carry the team in difficult moments. Still, the quarter against Düren is not a no-brainer for them and they can't allow to start slowly.