2019 FIVB Women's Volleyball Nations League

  • Probably playing with a B squad?

    I just looked at the set 1 players, and yeah, B Team

  • Thompson appears to hit equally well from both sides of the court :thumbup:

  • Sarina Koga standing around the huddle during timeouts: "What happened to my career"? :(

  • Way to hustle, Hancock :thumbup:

  • Honestly what happened to her, she was one of my faves...

    Don't know. She just phoned it in all last season. Doesn't care about defense any more. Lost her will to grow and improve?

  • Thompson 320cm spike and a terrific wrist snap.

  • What a defensive save by Thompson. She's the real deal :rose:

  • that was a decent match.

    Mako Kobata isn't having a good tournament so far for Japan

  • Japanese team is the cutest team I ve ever seen, the fight for every point and they never give up!

  • MB Washington and OPP Thompson.


    News Hooker and Akinradewo!