2019 FIVB Women's Volleyball Nations League

  • It wasnt good match for us, but fortunately with some luck it was enough for that German team.

  • For me Polish team pleated embarrassing today. This win is only thanks to weaker German team.

    Sorry, I have to say that I couldn’t watch Kakolewska today. Bad performance, without idea how to play.

    Grajber useless again. I would like to let in Stysiak play and let her make 5 reception errors and give her a lesson instead of keeping useless and no potential Grajber...

  • I hope tomorrow Pleśnierowicz and Alagierska will be starters because playing with only Smarzek and Mędrzyk they don't have any chances against Thailand.

    Wołoss joined the team on Monday and she doesn't have good connection with middles so far. Marlena proved she can play a lot with middles.

    I also feel very sorry for german girls. They made so many errors and once again lost the sets at the end.

  • I'm liking a couple of these Russian swingers #11 Kurilo and the short one #25 Kuznetsova. Beastly :box:

  • Russia plays with more passion and energy unlike the current generation.

    I really like what I see from them. Hopefully, Goncharova and Startseva integrates well with the new generation.

    Voronkova/Parubets should probably improve. Kurilo can outclass them in my opinion. Still Kurilo brings more depth to the russian bench especially in pos 4 no matter who starts or who does not.

    Favorite players: M: Maxim Mikhaylov, Murilo, Serginho, Aaron Russell, Otavio, Simone Giannelli, Ivan Zaytsev, Tsvetan Sokolov, Michał Kubiak, Mariusz Wlazly, Pawel Zagummy W: Sheilla, Zhu Ting, Natalia, Fe Garay, Fofao, Gabi, Thaisa, Foluke Akinradewo, Wei Qiuyue, Ding Xia, Carli Lloyd, Fabi, Natalia Goncharova, Yuko Sano, Saoris Kimura and Sakoda


  • Russia should have taken one of either Parubets or Voronkova in this tournament, the players are just too inexperienced for this level.

    They just beat China 3-1. Even though this isn't China's main team, it's still an accomplishment for the young Russians. This roster that China brought needs some work.

  • China will be leaving Brazil with zero points. What an embarrassment for the olympics champion. An Jiejie is doing nothing good for his team though. Only Zeng Chunlei and Linli secure spots in the A team. The other players are just too bad to be China.

    In addition, i like the one who was subbed to pass for Duan Fang.

  • Smarzek is the first player in the 2019 VNL, who scored more than 30 points in one game. She scored 32 in 4 sets.

  • Is there any chance to see an upset in Domincan-Brazil match ? :/

    I think that is possible, yes. DOM plays together since forever, Brazil is rebuilding once again

  • Is there any chance to see an upset in Domincan-Brazil match ? :/

    If we check both squads, player by player and like team, the upset should be Brazil beating Dominican Republic :whistle:

  • I dont know what's worse. Amanda and Lorenne playing or Rivera taking the spot of a youngster dominican. She has been playing since 2002 if Im not wrong. And since then, she is the only dominican OH who is able to receive in a decent way.

    What's wrong with Bia? She only tips the ball. Is she still injured?