2019 FIVB Women's Volleyball Nations League

  • Washington is invisible so far......

    At least she had one point, to me Lowe is pretty bad so far. Also Robinson can't kill most of the balls

  • Turkish block and defense :super: USA can't play bcs of it

  • Fatma-Meliha duo is pretty amazing too and no struggles in reception, not only Turkey is getting better and better, the options are starting to become more and more as well. Hande is missed today but it doesn't even matter.

    15-25 first set, Turkey gave USA no space to play at all in set 1, MBH in maybe in set 2? They need extra offense

  • WOW Lloyd is really playing bad, I haven't seen one decent set! Also lake is having some difficulties, but it's a good thing finally a real libero is on court for the USA. Turkisch libero is doing a good job!

  • Fatma is doing pretty good so far, I hope she can kill the balls when Ebrar struggles. So far Aylin is also receiving very good. Problem with USA so far, any of the wings can't kill the ball. They should let Drews play for this set.

  • Zehra gurlll ahaha amazing! What a spike to start the set with :super::obey::rolll: