2019 FIVB Women's Volleyball Nations League

  • So Russia beat Korea with KYK 3-1.. Although Russia is playing with their main OH duo Parubets-Voronkova, this Russia team is different without their two main MBs and of course Goncha.. I don't think Korea will pose any serious threat during Olympic qualies

  • DOM started out badly, but now in 2nd set, GER is being GER...

    i guess kwiek won't give arias another chance? it's been many matches since he starts with eve/jineiry...

    it's amazing to watch brayelin play defense in backcourt. she's all over the place.

  • After her shoulder injury, Pietrini had to give up on her jump serve. I remember last year she had 5 or 6 aces against Serbia and the speed was almost 100 km/h. It's a shamefor me ... BTW despite some naysayers :D, she keeps getting better in attack, she and Sylla are a very good duo offensively.

  • I'm quite happy with the performance of Italy:we didn't push so much and there has been some unprecise plaus, but at least all girls are.getting playing time amd gaining experience!

  • is this referee turkish? she's pretty bad... such bad calls.

    Lol, you sound like everything bad has to be Turkish :D

    Yes Nurper is unfortunately Turkish :D And she was yelled by Guidetti quite often in Turkish league. I actually saw another Turkish referee Erdal something in one of today's matches too and he is worse :S

  • Many players had problems with Nurper too XD

    I remember Wilma Salas was about to fight her once :rolll:

    She is really bad referee and always believes firmly in her choices + she always looks annoyed.

  • Dominican Republic had the unlucky draw from all countries ever. This travelling is already insane and must be really exhausting but no other team travels the world so much as them.

    They started the VNL in Brazil (South America) flying to Italy (Europe) then Thailand (Asia) then Germany (Europe) and the final Korea (Asia) each Pool they are changing the continent. That is crazy.

    And China as always and like last year only traveled to Brazil and after that never left China even the finals are again there which is really unfair.

    As an European citizen I am pissed off watching almost all important tournements early in the morning. :down:

  • I think Morrison is a good coach with a lot of knowledge. But during matches I don't like him as a coach. He always sticks to his plan and he can't change it:(

    VNL is not important this summer, like even ECH. The fact Dijkema played almost full match (especially set 3-5) shows Jamie wants to give her a chance during a full match agianst a good opponent. I'm convinced Britt will get the opportunity tomorrow or against Germany. Also Plak and Jasper at OH-position and Koolhaas-Lohuis duo is all in context of trying out things.

    100% this will not happen at OGQT in Catania.

    P.S. Don't forget for some players it is their first match after a few weeks rest. You can't expect a good shape immediately.

    And Belfgium is a decent team!

  • I wonder what will happen with Ebrar next season. Would be awesome Ebrar-Gabi-Haak trio on the floor together.

    I don’t want Meliha wasted on the bench again. :mad:

    I expect Guidetti will rotate all 4 throughout the season and give them all some chances. I mean he was still changing the lineup before every match of the final series last season, so I expect something similar will happen again.

  • With FIVB been the way it i$, this will be normal, sadly. VNL is basically a China's Invitational, a fancy Montreux