2019 FIVB Women's Volleyball Nations League

  • that was one of the ugliest game I've watched recently. Everything was chaotic from Turkish side. Hande ruined everything she touched and Gui still subbed her in again:hit:

    Congrats to Brasil. Lorenne did a great job by replacing Paula. And Natalia played as in her prime days. Gabi was not at her best but against such a messy team, Brasil didn't really needed her much.

    I wouldn't be surprised if they would lose again CHN tomorrow if they will play with such attitude.:down:

  • Btw its not just in volleyball, it seems to be a Turkish thing to just flat out give up after 1 breakpoint. I read an article about it last year. The womens volleyball club teams 2-0 up losing to Italians for example each time after they managed to bring it to 2-1----> super quick 2-3. Same things happened with the National team before. Losing 1 set is usually the end for Turkey. Some other examples I remember in that text are from tennis f.e. where Ipek Soylu lost a record amount matches from being 5-0 up to 5-1 ---> 5-7 and 2nd set 1-6/ 0-6 loss lmao

    Or Ayla Aksu losing 3 final matches/cups after having had like 20/30 missed match points each and aftrr that she lost in classic ways super quick. I remember in that article the examples, it was crazy amount for just that 1 year in pro sports.

    I hope Gio can help remove this "mentality" or whatever it is at least from the volleyball team soon lol VakifBank also seems to be the only team not really facing the struggle so...

  • What's a terrible performace of Turkish team ?

    I saw some comments on forum "Polish team is hard to watch". I can just add they played hard with passion and the best possible volleyball.

    How can it be compared to today's match ? I'm totally dissapointed.

    Much worse then Poland today for sure, first set they were good, set 2 until 14-16 too. After that they played like they had the skills of the Dominicans but made it look like it was with the height of the Japanese and Thai and the errors of Bulgaria. Actually in general we can say they played like Bulgaria :rolll:

    The ultimate combination.

    Oh well... It can happen :whistle:

  • I think Guidetti is partially responsible for this. He doesn't know how to handle this kind of situation.

    Every time when they play bad, he first starts to scream at them and behaves like a madman, then he becomes super quiet, says nothing no more.:rolll:

    Last year watching the World Champs, he would behave like that and it is a combination of “You gals looked great in VNL and we are performing like this....what the hell happened.”

    And then of course the time out is over. I would say that Vakifbank is a much better team that his national team. Have they improved with him yes, but he has fewer stars than Vakifbank.

    Ze Roberto has been around so long that he may expect to retire from national team after Tokyo, in my mind, but he wants to make up for loss in 2016. He is a little more calm than Guidetti. I may not like that some of the old guard are back in camp (love Sheila but 14 years later??). Last year was a down year, however they are picking up steam and a VNL win looks good for the Qualifiers.

    Karch as a coach is very different but for him the outbursts are very few and far between. It allows the players to focus and not be stressed. Already enough stress on the court. When the ball hits the floor multiple times without player reaction, he’s like a quick volcano. Then he gets it out of the way.

  • If you ask me, Serbia made the smartest move by far. Not playing with their best roster, getting some nice rest get some positive vibes and now they can go in gym and give 100%

    What Italy made ? Playing with their best line up, players getting little rest for what ? Nothing... even if they won VNL what they have from it ?