FIVB World Cup 2019 - Sept. 14 to 29, Japan

  • So, European teams will have to be in Japan playing LESS THAN A WEEK after finishing the ECh? How utterly ridiculous is that?!

    Both the FIVB and the CEV should be ashamed.

    Oh, and now watch the FIVB schedule the Olympic Qualifier for like August 17-20.

  • VNL and WC will have the same format.... Round Robbin system only difference is VNL has a final round. How stupid is that?

    WC is such a long tournament and with nothing on the line.

    FIVB wants to grow the sport in the USA and China that's why theybwere given 3 years of VNL, in this case FIVb should have given them 2 years of VNL and make them host the WC... China W and USA M. And Japan should be OK with that.

    Or if they want the new format that's fine... But just go ahead and cancel the WC for 2019 and bring it back in 2023.

    VNL should be only 3 weeks... 5 weeks was just too much.

  • You know what would be awesome? If the FIVB went back to the old rules and had the ECh finalists participate at World Cup. That way those teams would have just a couple of days to arrange their trip to Japan, which would be so much fun. Please make it happen!