FIVB World Cup 2019 - Sept. 14 to 29, Japan

  • I can't imagine World Cup outside Japan. This event has been always connected with this country and Fuji TV. I think it's preparation to cancel this event from FIVB calendar in the near future :(

    Gold Medal - Prediction Game - Men's - Olympic Games 2012
    Gold Medal - Prediction Game - Men's - European Championship 2015
    Silver Medal
    - Prediction Game - Women's - Olympic Games 2012

    がんばれ 日本!

  • Finally, good decision. There are so many tournament that we don't need World Cup. Olympic qualification tournament is better solution and it gives chance to 24 teams not only 12. In addition, they had to play 11 games in 16 days! That's crazy. Players health should be always the most important for FIVB not the money that japanese television will earn.