2018-2019 Thailand's women's league

  • week 11 replays

    supreme chonburis vs King bangkok

    Khonkaen vs 3bb

    air force vs rangsit university

    nakhon ratchasima vs opart

    Wang Na, the Chinese setter from Chinese club Zhejiang has played a few games now and I really like her. She is very confident in her sets. I wonder why she hasn't played for the chinese NT or has she in the past?

    with only 3 more matches in leg 2 left till the finals, standings are as follow:

    1. Nakhon Ratchasima

    2.Khonkaen Star

    3. Supreme chonburi

    4. 3bb

    5. Air force

    6.King Bangkok.

    7. Opart

    8. Rangsit univeristy

    So nothing has changed in the standing since I last posed about rankings a few weeks ago. But things might slightly changed once the Indonesian proliga is over and Ajcharaporn returns to help Supreme in the simis. But she won't be the only one, Pimpichaya will return to 3bb, Pornpun will go to Khonkaen and the leader group Nakhon Ratchasima will get an additional help in Yelez Basa.

    week 11 stats http://cdn.thaivolleyball.co.t…t8vPZNGU5aQY0lden7lQBLGzQ

  • she used to be in china team in 2014 and won silver medal in wc. then she was replaced by Ding Xia

  • she used to be in china team in 2014 and won silver medal in wc. then she was replaced by Ding Xia

    Wang Na's career of Chinese national team:

    In 2011 China International Women's volleyball invitational tournament, Wang Na made the debut.

    Later, she lost to Mi Yang and didn't join NT in 2012.

    Before 2013 ACH, Mi Yang injured. She replaced Mi Yang and participated in 2013 ACH with the main setter, Shen Jing-si.

    In 2014, Wei Qiu-yue returned NT. However, Wang Na played badly in 2014 WGP.

    Wang Na was the member of the runner-up of 2014 WCH though she didn't play any matches.

    Therefore, in 2015, Ding Xia won her. Wang Na participated in the Final 6 of 2015 WGP in USA and lost to Ding Xia "again".

    In 2016 AVC Cup, Wang Na returned NT for the last time. Her skill was not better than Yao Di's in the tournament.

    About the setters of Chinese NT from 2009 to now:

    2009: Wei Qiu-yue > Shen Jing-si > Wang Chen (Sichuan)

    2010: Wei Qiu-yue > Shen Jing-si > Bian Yu-qian

    2011: Wei Qiu-yue > Mi Yang > Wang Na

    2012: Wei Qiu-yue > Mi Yang

    2013: Shen Jing-si > Mi Yang > Wang Na > Yao Di

    2014: Wei Qiu-yue > Shen Jing-si > Wang Na > Ding Xia > Yao Di

    2015: Shen Jing-si > Ding Xia > Wei Qiu-yue (with heavy injury) > Wang Na > Yao Di

    2016: Wei Qiu-yue > Ding Xia > Shen Jing-si > Yao Di > Wang Na

    2017: Ding Xia > Yao Di > Diao Lin-yu > Yu Jia-rui > Liang Gui-qian

    2018: Ding Xia > Yao Di > Diao Lin-yu > Sun Hai-ping > Chen Xin-tong

    2019: ?

    My favourite roster of Chinese
    male NT:
    S - Li Run-ming, Zhan Guo-jun
    OP - Dai Qing-yao, Jiang Chuan
    OH - Ji Dao-shuai, Xia Run-tao, Liu Li-bin, Zhang Chen
    MB - Zhang Zhe-jia, Chen Long-hai, Geng Xin
    L - Ren Qi

    female NT:
    S - Ding Xia, Yao Di
    OP - Gong Xiang-yu, Zhang Chang-ning
    OH - Hui Ruo-qi, Zhu Ting, Liu Xiao-tong, Li Jing
    MB - Yuan Xin-yue, Yan Ni, Xu Yun-li
    L - Lin Li

    My avatar is Jiang Chuan. I hope more persons love him.

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  • sitenoise like MKJ mentioned, she has started light training. I too hope she will be ready for the summer. It would be nice to have her, Thatdao and Pluemjit on the same rooster again. Then there is veteran and former MB Amporn Hyapha. This year, she got the call back to train with the NT pool of players. Though not sure if she will make the final 14 cut, but if she did, would be nice to have 4 experienced MB to help increase Thailand's chance of making to the Olympics this time, finish the VNL in higher place, etc this year.

    @Mae and Tomen

    I see, thanks for the info.

    She is good, but not good enough for continuing service in the Chinese NT........