2018-2019 Thailand's women's league

  • Basa did ok in the Indonesian league. She was with coach Dokmai, Pornpun and Manganang. She started the first few matches well, just ok after that. Then Bethania De la cruz came and she was out performed, but in the end, her team still manged to win the league(mostly thanks to Manganang).

  • Yeah. Someone said that maybe because Pornpun has limited experience setting for a tall European player like Basa. Nootsara, however, played in Europe for 10 years so she has more exposure to different types of players.

    Can’t wait to see how Manganang plays in TVL.

  • Speaking of Pornpun, she didn't do too bad, but agreed, she can't match Nootsara in experience with different type of players. I hope Pornpun gets a chance to play outside of Asia leagues one day as well too. After all, she will be Nootsara's replacement soon enough and so she can use all the experience she can get.

    One setter I like to see get a lot better is Tichaya Boonlert. She always seem not confident enough in her settings. Which in turn, can lead to imprecise sets. She has the height, but her setting needs improvement. I would love to see her be more like the Chinese setters in style and confidence. Would be a good second setter to Pornpun, since Soroya is already similar to Pornpun's style and they don't need two setter of similar style(at least in my opinion, but if they want too, by all means go for it).

  • Tichaya has been practicing with the NT team for sometime. She still has big problems with precision though as can be seen from her performance with 3BB.

    Her sister, Tichakorn, however shows a lot of potential as an MB.

    Both of them are called in for the NT team this year. Let’s wait and see.

  • Tichakorn probably get a chance during the Korea-Thailand friendly matches coming next month, since it's two days this year. Her attacking needs improving, but blocking is good enough for now since she hasn't played on the senior team yet. The one tournament that she is most likely to play in is VTV cup in Vietnam with the youth team.

    VTL 2019 ranking and awards

    1. Nakhon Ratchasima(gold)

    2.Supreme Chonburi(silver)

    3. 3bb(bronze)

    4.Khon Kaen Star

    Best OS: Kuttika/Wilavan
    Best OPP: Malika
    Best MB: Pleumjit/Tranh Thi Bich Thuy
    Best Setter: Kullapa
    Best Libero: Thapaphaipun
    Best Server: Kuttika
    Best Scorer: Kuttika
    MVP: Onuma

    I really like Kuttika, but she is on the smaller side(168 cm 5'5''). Good thing is that she has been called to the nt pool of players to train this year. I really hope she gets a chance, at least one round during the VNL would be good enough.