Japan - V.League V2 (Division 2, Women) 2018-2019

  • Sun 10 March 2019 Results Day 3/5 Final 6 Stage

    Home Team Away Team
    Set 1
    Set 2 Set 3 Set 4 Set 5 Total Stats
    Himeji 3–0 Prestige 25-19 25-15 21-13 75–50 Stats
    JA Gifu 3–2 Gumma Bank 19-25 25-17 25-17 18-25 15-11 102–95 Stats
    GSS Tokyo 0–3 Ohno Oil 28-30 24-26 22-25 74–82 Stats

    Looks like Gifu-Gumma was a fun match. One of those two teams is probably going to be bummed out soon. If Himeji didn't pop up out of nowhere they'd both be promoting to V1, or at least have the opportunity to challenge for it. My gut tells me that if the Challenge match is against Kurobe one of these two teams will win it. If it's against PFU, I think not.

    Two matches left and Himeji plays both Gifu and Gumma. Of course they both have to play Himeji but their other match is a toss off. Assuming everyone wins their next match (Himeji/Gumma, Gifu/Ohno, NA), the final match of the season will be for the title - Himeji v Gifu - more or less Depending on what happens Saturday, Himeji could endure a 2–3 loss against Gifu on Sunday and still take the title. Himeji hasn't lost a set yet; Gifu's lost three.

    A 3–0 win against Gumma on Saturday would take some pressure off Himeji but that won't be easy. Gumma is the only team who beat Himeji in the Regular Round.

    Heck, what am I worrying about. It's Himeji's destiny to win this thing :super:

    1 Victorina Himeji 14 3 0
    2 JA Gifu Rioreina 12 3 0
    3 Gumma Bank Green Wings 10 2 1
    4 Ohno Oil Hiroshima Oilers 3 1 2
    5 Prestige International Aran Mare 2 0 3
    6 GSS Tokyo Sun Beams 1 0 3
  • I wish Breath Hamamatsu would have advanced. That's such a cool name for a team (I have no idea what it's about) and they have a modern, cared for web site with pictures of the players like this:

    Each player has a photo gallery, fan support and a questionnaire where they weigh in on fluffy animals, delicious food, and shopping.

    Update: Damn I forgot the part that prompted this outburst. They actually have a news item in their news feed informing about a player injury during practice. They also have a radio program. One of the shows is titled "Feel Our Breath". How cool is that?

    The only thing GSS Tokyo has on their 1990s web site is one unreadable, untranslatable JPEG:

  • I was on the edge of my seat watching a web page live update the Himeji v Gumma Bank score.

    Gumma Bank beats Himeji 3–2 :( damn , 22-20 in the Tie Break

    Gold Medal match tomorrow -- Himeji v JA Gifu. Winner wins and auto promotes to V1.

    I hope I'm wrong about this but ... if Himeji loses in less than 5 and Gumma Bank beats GSS in less than five (easy), Himeji is doomed to another year in V2. They'd be tied on points and Gumma Bank just beat them. All that beautiful hard work all year up in smoke. There's got to be some random pool drawings to blame. It wouldn't be fair.

  • Sat 16 March 2019 Results Day 4/5 Final 6 Stage

    Home Team Away Team
    Set 1
    Set 2 Set 3 Set 4 Set 5 Total Stats
    Prestige 3–0 GSS Tokyo 25-18 25-23 25-22 75–63 Stats
    JA Gifu 3–0 Ohno Oil 25-22 25-23 25-23 75–68 Stats
    Himeji 2–3 Gumma Bank 17-25 25-19 18-25 25-15 20-22 105–106 Stats

    This is difficult. Gumma Bank is the only team who's beaten Himeji this season. Once in the regular round and now a crushing blow in the Final Stage. I should just accept that and not worry. JA Gifu hasn't been a problem for Himeji, so why get anxious? Well, because ... that's Sports Enthusiasm. I could live with Himeji placing second and having to continue to compete for a spot in the V1, but there is a chance ... I can't bring myself to write it. Himeji needs at least two sets tonight to keep the dream alive :super: I would much rather they win and be done with it. That's probably what's going to happen.

    1 JA Gifu Rioreina 15 4 0
    2 Victorina Himeji
    15 3 1
    3 Gumma Bank Green Wings 12 3 1
    4 Prestige International Aran Mare 5 1 3
    5 Ohno Oil Hiroshima Oilers
    3 1 3
    6 GSS Tokyo Sun Beams 1 0 4
  • Himeji trailed throughout the first set until the 20s. And pulled out a win. 1–0 over JA Gifu


    Same thing in Set 2. I like teams who, if they may dally about, take control and finish.

    Himeji 25-23, 25-21 JA Gifu

    Himeji is at least going to get to play PFU. One more set and they auto promote.


    This is perfect (so far 13-6 in set 3). Come from behind in the first two sets and then crush


    Crush Crush. Step on the neck. 20–8 We're almost there!


    25–11 Crush!

  • 2018-19 V.LEAGUE DIVISION 2 WOMEN V Final Stage Final 6 Final Results

    Pos Team Matches Points Wins Losses Win Rate
    Set Rate


    Victorina Himeji

    18 4 1 0.80 4.67


    JA Gifu Rioreina

    15 4 1 0.80 2.00


    Gunma Bank Green Wings

    15 4 1 0.80 2.00


    Prestige International Aran Mare 5
    6 1 4
    0.20 0.58


    Ohno Oil Hiroshima Oilers

    2 3 0.40 0.64


    GSS Tokyo Sun Beams 5
    1  0 5
    0.00 0.00

    They changed their mind!


    Victorina Himeji Promotes to V1 and JA Gifu plays PFU for the Challenge Match

    Sat 30 March

    16:00 PFU vs. JA Gifu

    Sun 31 March

    16:00 PFU vs. JA Gifu

  • 2018-19 V.LEAGUE DIVISION2 WOMEN Individual Awards

    Adding Coach, MVP, Newcomer, and Fighting Spirit to the previously posted scoring awards

    Award Player Team Score # of times
    Coach Yoshie Takeshita Victorina Himeji The first award
    MVP Yuko Asazu Victorina Himeji The first award
    Fighting Spirit Kino Yoshii JA Gifu Rioreina
    The first award
    Best Newcomer Kana Yoshioka Victorina Himeji

    Top scorer

    Yuki Egawa

    Prestige International Aran Mare

    312 points

    2 years in a row second time

    Spike Award

    Kana Yoshioka

    Victorina Himeji


    The first award

    Block Award

    張 心穆意 (Zhang Xinyi?)

    GSS Tokyo Sunbeams


    The first award

    Serve Award

    Kana Yoshioka

    Victorina Himeji


    The first award

    Serve Receive Award

    Kazuha Tsurugasaki

    Kashiwa Angel Cross


    2 years in a row second time

    Kana Yoshioka

  • 2019 V.League Women Division 2 All Stars

    Team V.Lea
    Team Chiba-kun
    Head Coach: Yoshie Takeshita (Himeji)
    Asst. Coach: Shuji Hara (Ohno oil Hiroshima
    Head Coach: Megumi Tsubakihon (JA Gifu)
    Asst. Coach: Tsutomu Kitahara (Prestige International)
    Yuki Kawai (Himeji) Fan Pick
    Yuuna Hasegawa (Ohno oil Hiroshima) V-League

    Middle Blocker
    Kana Yoshioka (Himeji) Fan Pick
    Shuna Omoto (Himeji) Fan Pick
    Minari Kitagawa (Ohno oil Hiroshima) V-League
    Noriko Wada (Breath Hamamatsu) V-League

    Outside Hitter
    Yuka Kanasugi (Himeji) Fan Pick
    Shiho Yoshimoto (Ohno oil Hiroshima) Fan Pick
    Hina Kumamoto (Breath Hamamatsu) Fan Pick
    Rena Gondo (Toyota Motor) V-League
    Zhang Huan Huan (Osaka Superiors) V-League
    Mayuko Mizukami ( Breath Hamamatsu) V-League

    Akari Maemura (Breath Hamamatsu) Fan Pick
    Tado Misaki (Toyota Motor) V-League
    Mizuki Nakajo (GSS Tokyo) Fan Pick
    Kaede Kurita (Gumma Bank) V-League

    Middle Blocker
    Gaya Akira (GSS Tokyo) Fan Pick
    Maya Koshimizu (Kashiwa) Fan Pick
    Shiiko Yanagisawa (Prestige International) V-League
    Wakana Yasufuku (Gumma Bank) V-League

    Outside Hitter
    Kino Yoshii (JA Gifu) Fan Pick
    Sakiko Nakamura (JA Gifu) Fan Pick
    Sachi Arai (Gumma Bank) Fan Pick
    Yuki Egawa (Prestige International) V-League
    Yuka Yamamoto (JA Gifu) V-League
    Onizuka Hinako (GSS Tokyo) V-League

    Kazuha Tsurugasaki (Kashiwa) Fan Pick
    Minami Yoshioka (Gumma Bank) V-League

    2018-19 V.LEAGUE All-Star Game will be held in the Urayasu City Sports Park Gymnasium, Chiba Prefecture on Saturday April 20, 2019

    "For each team of "Team Buiri" "Team Cheever-kun", each seven by the results of fan voting (outside hitter three people, middle blocker 2 people, setter 1 person, libero 1 people) are elected, further V-League recommendation players of each seven one team 14 people plus".

  • A little shake up at our thread inspiration Victorina Himeji - Players to resigning will be following (Source:

    # 07 Yuki Kawai player (captain) Wow wow wow :!:

    • # 02 Oliveira, Suere players
    • # 01 Tsutsui Mihoko player
    • # 05 Chika Ota player
    • # 06 Takimoto Rina player
    • # 11 Sakasegawa Yui player
    • # 16 Mirai Sugawara player

    What the heck is happening with Toyota Motor Walkure (or Valkyrie? like that Tom Cruise movie?) (Source)

    Are they going out of business? Their web site is down undergoing maintenance

    • Suzuki Chiori Toyota Motor Valkyrie Resignation
    • Gondo Mana Toyota Motor Valkyre Resignation
    • Goto Mari Motors Toyota Motor Valkyre Resignation
    • Matsuo Keiichi Seven Cars Toyota Motor Valkyre Resign
    • Yui Shibata Toyota Motor Valquere retired
    • Ogawa Ancient capital Toyota Motor Valkyre retired
    • Toyota Motor Valkyre retired
    • Atsushi Takeuchi Toyota Motor Valkyre retired
    • Misaki Tado Toyota Automobile Valkyrie Retirement
    • Ichimori Akina Toyota Motor Valkyrie Retirement
    • Hitomi Umegi Toyota Automobile Valkyre Retirement
    • Asano Minami Wave Toyota Automobile Valkyre Resignation
    • Yoshida Midori Toyota Motor Valkyrie Resignation

    Gumma Bank is losing their Captain (Source):

    • 優 Grace Gunma Bank Green Wings Resign (I don't know who this is)
    • Miyoshi Saika (C) Gunma Bank Green Wings resign

    And I should have posted this over here in V2 thread

    JA Gifu is being gutted (Source)

    Satomi Imai - Starting OH

    Miho Sasaki - Starting MB

    Haruka Sano - Backup Setter

    Sakiko Nakamura - All Star Veteran OH

  • Oh, Victorina Himeji. I've remarked about them being a team with style--above what we see from other teams. That's why it was a good move for Yuka Kanasugi to go there. She's stylin'

    I just watched a video which is a sort of history and celebration of their promotion to the V1 League. In a nod to things kinda creepy and old school there is a section that appears to show them being instructed in how to walk in high heels and put on makeup.

  • I thought girl's VB was more popular than boys in Japan. Boys have a V3 but girls aren't popular enough to fill out a V2. V1 is shaky at the bottom. Maybe other considerations, too.


    Noticing that photo above from the Himeji "How to walk and chew gum" video, I'm reminded that N K youtuber posted that. I don't think it was a DAZN video. Probably owned by someone else. S/He got cocky. No coincidence it was the last video s/he posted before getting busted.

    Conspiracy theories help me pass the time :P

  • I'm making a Wikipedia page for Victorina Himeji, and as I'm researching something struck me:

    • Four of their starters -- Yuki kawai (S); Kyoko Katashita (L); Rie Takaki (MB); Yuko Asazu (OP) hadn't played in the V.League for years. I don't know if they were fully retired or playing 9-person foosball, or what, during that time.

    If GM Masayoshi Manabe is responsible for personnel decisions he's doing a good job thinking outside the box. Retirees, college kids, and Yuka Kanasugi. Damn.

    Has this ever happened before? A development team wins a championship their first year in the league?

    Anyway, here's the most amazing, uhm, HOPE for me. Look who appears to be pretty good friends with the Himeji girls:

    For those not keeping score at home that is the amazing Haruka Maruo :obey:

    Please please please Manabe grab this girl from the Panasonic Bluebells, whoever they are .

    [Update] I found the match these friendly embraces are from [2018.12.14 Empress Cup Himeji v Tsukuba (3–0) Set 3]:

    Only set 3, Good Quality stationary end of court camera, behind Tsukuba. Heaven.

    Haruka Maruo and setter Manami Mandai are destined to play for Himeji. Stylin'