Greek NT 2019

  • 18 players for ech qual.

    S: Stella Christodoulou (Olympiakos), Olga Vergidou (Pannaxiakos), Konstantina Drakoulidou (Thetis)

    OH: Litsa Merteki (AO Thiras), Olga Strantzali (Pila), Anna Spanou (Ilioupoli), Sia Totsidou (AEK), Vlachaki Konstantina (Olympiakos)

    OPP: Maria Oikonomidou (Panathinaikos), Marvi Giovani (AEK)

    MB: Katerina Giota (Olympiakos), Tzina Labrousi (Olympiakos), Eirini Chatzieustratiadou (Pannaxiakos), Anastasia Gerogiadou (Thetis), Melina Emmanouilidou (AO Thiras)

    L: Marialena Artakianou (AO Thiras), Iliana Iakovidou (Aias), Evita Ksintara (Thetis)

    No Vasilantonaki (Filotrano), Papafotiou (Mulhouse), Chantava (PAOK)

    Olympiakos has 4 players, AO Thiras 3, Thetis 3, Pannaxiakos 2, AEK 2.

  • Kiosi is 33 years old and before 1,5 year said that she will not play again in NT. Also Maria Oikonomidou has better stats.

    The coach said that Athina Papafotiou didnt play in the summer because was injured but ...she is not in the list now.

    Chantava plays really good this year. The coach hadnt call her the summer in the trainings. She was in the 14 players in ech qual. but she didnt play even a minute.

  • i dont know...but i think italian league doesnt stop so she has to play on 23/12,26/12,29/12,6/1 with her club. And because greece has already qualified maybe the coach wants to give time to other girls.

  • Candidates for EL and ECH.

    Setters: First setter will be Christodoulou and for the 2nd maybe the coach will call Vergidou or Papafotiou. I dont know how Papafotiou is playing but she has played in very good european clubs and now she is the captain of Mulhouse. It was a suprise that the coach didnt call her last year, although Vergidou is playing really good.

    Opposites: Vasilantonaki and Oikonomidou

    OH: Many players in the same level in this position. Merteki and Strantzali propably will be the 2 starters. The other OHs will be among Totsidou, Dioti, Chantava, Vlachaki (also OPP), Psoma (if she return from usa). Other options are the first scorer of the greek league Dragoumanou ,Kosma who came back to volley this year and Spanou.

    MB: Giota, Labrousi, Emmanoulidou, Georgiadou, Chatzieustratiadou and maybe Tsobanidou who has the most blocks in the greek league.

    L: Konomi (if she is available), Artakianou, Iakovidou

  • Katerina Giota has a serious injury and will be out at least for 6 months so she will not play in the european championship.

  • Wide Roster on for european league

    Setters: Christodoulou, Papafotiou, Vergidou, Drakoulidou

    Opposites: Vasilantonaki, Oikonomidou, Liagki

    OH: Merteki, Strantzali, Dioti, Totsidou, Spanou, Vlachaki, Nikologianni, Kiparissi

    MB: Labrousi, Emmanoulidou, Georgiadou, Chatzieustratiadou, Gudimenko, Kalatandze, Kavvadia

    L: Konomi, Artakianou, Iakovidou, Ksintara

  • Chantava should be in.All the other OH are a joke in reception.Even Vasilantonaki is better than them...


    Setters: Christodoulou (Olympiakos), Papafotiou (Mulhouse), Vergidou (Pannaxiakos)

    Opposites: Vasilantonaki (Filotrano), Oikonomidou (Panathinaikos)

    OH: Merteki (AO Thiras) , Strantzali (Pila), Dioti (Vasas), Totsidou (AEK) , Vlachaki (Olympiakos), Kiparissi (PAOK)

    MB: Labrousi (Olympiakos), Emmanoulidou (AO Thiras), Georgiadou (Thetis), Chatzieustratiadou (Pannaxiakos), Kalatandze (AO Thiras)

    L: Konomi (Olympiakos), Artakianou (AO Thiras), Iakovidou (Aias)

    4 players from Olympiakos and AO Thiras, 2 from Pannaxiakos

  • Gianna Vlachou was the only libero who was better than Milona and they were playing the same years so Milona was really unlucky and wasnt in the roster of greece in wch 2002 and Olympics 2004. The next years she was as an OH in Greek NT because teams had only one libero.

  • Papafotiou - Vasilantonaki - Strantzali (European Girls)


    Christodoulou - Konomi (Olympiakos' girls)


    Emmanouilidou - Merteki (AO Thiras' girls)


  • Chatzieustratiadou - Kalatantzde


    Iakovidou - Totsidou


    Kiparissi - Dioti - Labrousi


    Oikonomidou - Georgiadou


    Papafotiou - Vlachaki


  • Greek team (17 players)

    S: Christodoulou (Olympiakos), Papafotiou (Lardini), Vergidou (Panathinaikos)

    OH: Merteki (AO Thiras), Strantzali (Legionowo), Totsidou (Aris?), Dioti, Vlachaki (Thetis)

    MB: Labrousi (Olympiakos), Emmanouilidou (AO Thiras?), Chatzieustratiadou (AO Thiras), Kalatantzde (Panathinaikos)

    OPP: Vasilantonaki (Galatasaray), Oikonomidou (Panathinaikos)

    L: Artakianou (AO Thiras?), Konomi (Olympiakos), Iakovidou (Aris)

  • Eva Chantava

    After the official announcement of calls for the European Championship, I would like to wish the girls a great success! Only we know how hard we have worked ..... I may not be in the calls, others will judge whether I deserve it or not.

    But I will be there as I have been all the previous years! I will embrace you in the National anthem,, I will be anxious and i will celebrate with you! My mind and my thoughts will be to you because you deserve it. Greece is already proud of you! 💙🇬🇷