Most promising rising female stars (Born 2000 or later)

  • My own list:

    1. Tatyana Kadochkina (RUS)

    2. Li Ying-Ying (CHN)

    3. Elena Pietrini (ITA)

    4. Hanna Hryushkevich (BLR)

    5. Ebrar Karakurt (TUR)

    6. Camilla Weitzel (GER)

    7. Aleksandra Georgieva (BUL)

    8. Marina Lubian (ITA)

    9. Loveth Omoruyi (ITA)

    10. Valeria Gorbunova (RUS)

    This hierarchy mentioned above merely reflects an outline or a prel. sketch, hastily shuffled and not all too well conceived. What do you think?

    Mentioned players in the thread:

    Tainara Santos (BRA, '00)

    Júlia Bergmann (BRA, '01)

    Zuzanna Gorecka (POL)

    Terry Enweonwu (ITA)

    Suvi Kokkonen (FIN)

    Magdalena Stysiak (POL)

    Viktoriia Pushina (RUS)

    Martha Anthouli (GRE)

    Froso Aleksakou (GRE)

    Parra Quintero (MEX)

  • Li Ying Ying...but i couldnt be sure about "rising star" category..bcz LYY has been already making some big numbers in the local this makes her already "a star"? however , she is suitable for that age criterion (2000-born)

  • If you allowed 1999- then I would say Zehra Güneş. As she is also fitting I think for this category I would say and she is still a teenager.

    I don't think LYY is a star just yet.

    Yes, but under those premises we could also have involved Haak and Vargas in the business as well.

  • USA has an extremely promising, based on reports from US media at least, attacker in the 204 cm tall MB/OP Dana Rettke, though born in 1999 and thus not included in the list. During this season she has already broke a new NCAA scoring record for her college in a game with 30 pts. She has an unusual athletic abilty given her size according to the experts there.

  • USA has an extremely promising, based on reports from US media at least, attacker in the 204 cm tall MB/OP Dana Rettke, though born in 1999 and thus not included in the list. During this season she has already broke a new NCAA scoring record for her college in a game with 30 pts. She has an unusual athletic abilty given her size according to the experts there.

    I've seen Rettke she is pretty great and pretty pretty <3

    They also have someone called Miranda Weber who is upcoming and 211CM!! But she has 0 athletic ability, like 0. And I don't like to say it but with case of Miranda Weber I get feeling that inbreeding was involved. Ugh...

    Here is video I saw of Weber 211 CM player

  • Oh please...yes, its obvious she has some disease, likely either related to the connective tissue (Marfan) or the pituitary glands (Acromegaly), which in turn has enabled her to grow that tall. Though I have to say I dont see the traditional signs of Gigantism/Acromegaly in her face - for example excessive jaw area - inherited for example by the Russian Muserskiy and people with Marfan´s are generally unusually thin. Her knock-kneeded physice obviously doesnt play into her hands on the volleyball court.

    She is about the same height (213 cm) as an indoor/beach-volleyball youngster from Russia representing the youth team of Saratov, Maria Daineko, whom has an ex-basketball pro as a father, also a giant about 210 cm, with a relatively normal look to me and thus more plausibly has generated the growth in a natural fashion. I think she is born in 2002-2003 or so, not really sure, and whether or not she will be something is obviously still "up in the blue" but I have to say I was rather unimpressed by her proficiency while watching her play on the beach last summer.

  • What made me think of inbreeding is the way her parents talk in an interview... :pinch: It is not always that they inherited the overly extra face features btw, that is only something that 'can' happen. Either that or some disease indeed. Either way I think this tall is more starting to become a disadvantage then an adventagr, unless someone with 240 pops up :P

  • Sorry, but it's disgusting how you talk about her. Apparently she's able to attend a good US-University (which means her IQ can't be that bad...). But, oh well, empathy is long gone on these kind of message boards...

    Hmm, the universities admission requirements are different when it comes to the recruitment of the participants for the sports programs. A lot of people do not earn their spot by academical merits but by their assessed ability to produce for the school in the particular department, i.e a "free seat" on the academical train. For example basketball-players such as Derrick Rose, Shaquile O´Neal etc were expected, based on their SAT-score, to have a very low IQ, far below average, but they still managed to be enrolled in decent college´s. Derrick Rose could not gather 1400 pts for ex and thus not reach a score above the 17th percentile - he still became enrolled in the University of Memphis. The average IQ among the participants in basketball as well as american football on the college programs, good or bad, is without a single doubt very sub-par, and the enrolled students there hardly produce anything of value from a purely academical standpoint. So, yes, its undeniably possible, although I do not say its necessarily must have happend in the case of Miranda Weber. Her, according to me, non-intellectual appearance could have other reasons than intellectual dysfunction, as for ex. frequently people with neurological disorders such as Aspergers and so on can be esp. rough to evaluate in such a superficial fashion in relation to "normal" people. For example the savant Kim Peek or Stephen Hawking probably wouldnt be recognized as genuises by random people on the street.

    I agree wild speculation of persons intelligence, especially without hard facts or further proof to back it up with, is unrespectful and that it does not belong to a forum like this.

  • Speaking of tall female volleyball players in the NCAA as well as promising players, right now in that system a player which must be the tallest setter in the history of the game (?) the 203 cm-tall (!) Holly Carlton (born in 1999, also able to play as OPP), participates. Evidence: She acctually played a lot of games as a setter on court and led her team Florida Gators in assists, with 595 assists (5.61/set) during the 2017 season, as a freshman while being ranked third in kills and digs (!) at the same time.

    USA seems to have a promising new OPP/OH in the 199 cm tall Kathryn Plummer and the 208 cm tall MB Rachel Kramer as well, both born 1998.

    Imagine a future US NT with the 204 cm tall Rettke and the 208 cm tall Kramer as MB´s, the 199 cm Plummer as OPP and the 203 cm tall Holly Carlton as an attacking setter "Cuban-style".

  • The one flaw IMO about the USA training system is that a lot of these promising players don't join the NT until after they've graduated. Hopefully they can remain healthy by then.

    I remember they had promising middles, Inky Ajanaku and Rhamat Alhassan who were supposed to be the next Akinradewo/Adam's duo.

  • Plummer is promising. She was the National Freshman of the Year in 2016, then she won back-to-back National Player of the Year in 2017 and 2018. She needs to get better training after she graduates from Stanford.

    I don't see a lot potential on Kramer. She is tall indeed, but from her arm swing, her movements, I don't think she has the potential to become a world-class MB. On the other hand, I think Dana Rettke is the real rising star. She is not only tall, but also flexible. This season she ranked first on both blocking and attacking in Big-10 conference, the most high-level division I conference in NCAA.

    There are a lot of US college players who might have an impact on the NT or pro leagues in the near future, if they would like to keep pursuing professional volleyball after they graduate. To name a few below:


    Jordyn Poulter from UIUC (senior)

    Samantha Seliger-Swenson from University of Minnesota (senior)


    Mikaela Foecke from University of Nebraska (senior)

    Roni Jones-Perry from BYU (senior)

    Kathryn Plummer from Stanford (junior)

    Khalia Lanier from USC (junior)

    Leah Edmond from University of Kentucky (junior)

    Stephanie Samedy from University of Minnesota (sophomore)


    Lauren Stivrins from University of Nebraska (sophomore)

    Dana Rettke from University of Wisconsin (sophomore)

    Brionne Butler from UT-Austin (freshman)


    Morgan Hentz from Stanford (junior)

    Kendall White from Penn State University (junior)

  • What´s your impression of Holly Carlton?