Introducing - Sports Analytics for Beach Volleyball

  • Hey everybody,

    i’m Mirco, the founder of We’re a startup from Germany doing sports analytics. I've been playing volleyball since I was 12 years old. One thing always bothered me. We never had reliable data after our matches. We never knew why we won or why we lost. As an engineer I thought a lot about this problem. Data Volley is way to complicated, expensive and sharing data with the team and our coach is cumbersome. That's why I created

    Starting with beach volleyball we are offering players, teams, coaches, fans, analysts and scouts a simple way to track matches. You’re able to track every move in six different categories with different outcomes. The categories are service, reception, setting, attack, block and dig. The tracking works the same way as Data Volley. Even the codes are the same. However you don't have to know anything about tracking or Data Volley. It also works by simply clicking the right buttons with your mouse. You don't have to install any software. The whole thing is a simple web application.

    Simply record your match on video, upload and start tracking. We'll do the analysis automatically. Since it's web based every team member can easily review the whole match and see their individual stats. Compare your latest match with previous matches and check whether you’re making progress. Focus on skills you we’re practicing during training sessions and see if you are able to apply those to actual matches.

    You can even track opponent teams to get to know their strengths and weaknesses. How do they serve? How do they react when they are behind and under pressure. It’s very hard to hide certain patterns in your playing behavior when you are under stress. Where do they usually hit? What’s their preferred smash when they got an awesome set. Preparation is everything. Let the data and hard facts help you. No more subjective impressions that cannot hold what they promised.

    Share the data with your whole coaching team and let them figure out the best strategy for your upcoming matches. Apply “Moneyball” to beach volleyball. You don’t have to keep hand written notes around, you don’t have to mess around with spreadsheets. It’s super simple and easy to use.

    Check it out at You can also have a look at my account, which includes the Huntington Beach Gold Medal Match from 2018 where The Netherlands beat Brazil 2:0

    Let me know if you've got any questions. We got great feedback from our first trials but I'd be very thankful if you could try spolytics and let me know what works for you and even more important what does not work. Are there any features that are missing that you'd like to see? We're currently in Beta Mode and it's completely free. No credit card required.

    Best regards,