USA NCAA Men's Volleyball 2019 (DI-II)

  • Hi, guys! Were any of the wing hitters from this year's NCAA tournament impressive enough to get a call to join the national team? Your thoughts?

    I'm afraid there's no one like that right now, best college players past two seasons were foreigners (Gabi Garcia and Rado Parapunov). Freshman of the year award went to Bryce Dvorak (setter), a nephew of legendary Douglas Dvorak, Olympic gold medalist.

    In fact, USA B team plays NORCECA Championship (best college players and some pros like Tuaniga, Hanes, Dagostino - and they started with 3-2 win over Guatemala.


  • ^^^^ Did they use Camden Gianni? Joel Schneidmiller?

  • idk where to put this and I feel like making a new thread is a waste, but here's video of LBSU vs Hawaii from yesterday. Competitive and high level game and the rematch today should be just as good!



    S: Knipe #5 (USA)

    OPP: Godbold #12 (USA)

    OH: Nikolov #23 (Bulgaria), Olivier #31 (USA)

    MB: Torwie #11 (Germany), Holdaway #1 (USA)

    L: Briggs #3 (USA)


    S: Thelle #10 (Norway)

    OPP: Mouchlias #11 (Greece)

    OH: Galloway #1 (USA), Chakas #23 (Greece)

    MB: Voss #21 (Brazil), Hogland #7 (USA)

    L: Sheward #4 (USA)

  • It's worth of mention that as for now, Alex Nikolov (son of Vlado) has perhaps the greatest rookie season that we've seen in male college volleyball in the XXI century, I believe. You have to take these stats comparisons in collegiale volleyball with a grain of salt, but stats-wise he's at the level of Aaron Russell or Taylor Sander when they were seniors, Nikolov is at 5.3 pts per set, 0.6 Aces per set and 37% spike efficiency, this is still absurd even if he's not Sander-level player (Sander was World League MVP soon after his senior season at BYU).

    It's no suprise considering that he looked fairly like the best 03-born player in the world at the last World Youth Championship. I wouldn't be suprised if he reaches Rok Mozic level once he's 20-21.