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  • This thread will help you find:

    • tips to manage a conflict with a player, agent, club or Volleyball institution;
    • updates on the main changes regarding the procedures in place;
    • answers to your questions;
    • anything that you'd like to have :)

    Feel free to ask questions. I'll do my best to answer you!

  • Hello Xavier and welcome to the forum!

    As you may not be able to talk about specifics of your cases, i will try to be more general with my questions. Each detail and saucy anecdote would still be welcomed though.....8)

    For the first:

    Based on your experiences, are there any leagues/countries which are more problematic than others, when it comes to issues with contracts/payments? Could you describe, in general terms, your most shocking/scandalous case?

    Thanks in advance.....:drink:

  • Hi Tim and thanks for the welcome!

    Your question will probably interest more than one player... There are indeed territories where the risk is high. I could write down names according to my experience but I am going to do better. Have a look at this table.

    All the clubs worldwide which are (were) under a sanction related to a financial dispute with a player are listed. This list is available on the FIVB webpage and is regularly updated.

    So, to answer your question, if you want to know what are the countries which are currently more problematic than others, check the list and the number of sanctioned clubs per country.


  • I am late, but still: thanks for your answer.

    I assume there is still a big "grey zone" where either players or clubs decide that it is not "worth the fuss" to go via the courts.