2019 / 2020 Transfer Rumors & Discussion (Female)

  • "They made the virus, they now pay the price. "

    What the hell are you talking about?:hit::aww:

  • If your brain is a little bigger than a pinecone, you can't say such rubbish.

    In all the papers on the source of virus published recently in the top professional medical journals in the world, it is indicated clearly that the virus is natural rather than artificial. WHO has been praising China's measures and contributions. Your arrogance and ignorance, as well as your irresponsible rumor, are the real enemy of human health and the real cause of the global epidemic.

    The form of all sports games is competition, but the purpose is always to eliminate barriers and spread love and friendship. Volleyball teams, players and fans all over the world are always a whole. No team or player should be isolated because of race, nationality and other reasons unrelated to volleyball.

    Brazilian men's & women's volleyball team have always been great teams, even though they are not as perfect as the two teams in 2004, 2008 and 2012. Your words put Brazilian teams and players to shame because they leave the impression that ”Brazil will easily show the best league in many years“ mainly depends upon other top teams which will be isolated or affected because of the virus,as if they were indeed some cowards. You have denied throughly the Brazilian volleyball teams and the players' great efforts.

    Shame on you!

  • Rumors in Brazil:

    Nyeme renewed with Barueri

    Thaísa renewed with Minas

    Camila Brait renewed with Osasco

    Fawcett retired

    Bruna -> Osasco

    Drews -> Minas

  • You must be mentally disabled, like your pals here, all of you turkish payed trolls. I do not relate with your kind, cause you're too stupid to waste time debating with the Dumbs.

    Anyway, only because I love loads of brazilian female players, my reasoning was PATENTLY against China, nevermind the future backlash against certain leagues and Brazil was CLEARLY a side-talk.

    I would LOVE to have Minas defended by: Macris/ Drews/ J Larson/ GABI/ Thaisa/ Stevanovic (Gattaz)/ XXX and Lavarini back on the bench.

    If you still don't get it, go back to kindergarden or change pusher or get a life.

  • Dude you are really sick. Why do you even bring up being Turkish?

    "They made the virus, they now pay the price. "

    This is the ugliest claim I've heard so far in this forum!