Turkish NT 2019

  • I wish Ceren would not have gone to FB btw, she started the season pretty solid actually and seemed lately to slowly grow as a player, I loved it. Even contributed a bit in NT. Now that Vargas is playing again though she is thrown in the dungeon lol. Sad but her own fault.

    For me Vasilantonaki is miiiiiiles better than Plak. Actually Plak is very talented but she couldn't shine still and time is ticking. Sobolska is not a monster also lol, she has max 7 kills per match. Ezgi is only bad bcs Plak receives the ball closer to Jupiter than to her. Her defensive skills remain amazing and even though she can barely use her middles, she sets them greatly when she can.

  • And this sentence "but you were also a defter stan if I remember correctly so... " is very ugly. I don't belong to a cult, agree and disagree on people.

    fair enough. That's indeed right, I apologize.

    But Tugba will still make it : P

  • Sobolska was the best attacker of the league for a long time, now she is number 4. That's why I said she is a monster.

    Ezgi has always been a good defender but her serves are not as effective year and her sets are inconsistent.

    Agree on Antonaki & Plak comparison though this does not change the fact that Plak is much more experienced than her. Also Antonaki receives bad :)

  • fair enough. That's indeed right, I apologize.

    But Tugba will still make it : P

    Lets hope she does. I would love to have another youngster shining. Had high hopes on her after BJK season but dissapointed me bad last year :(

    Btw, PTT-THY match is on! THY won 1st set!

  • Of course Tugba won't be on the olympic qualification roster. Her reception is way too shaky than Seyma/Fatma/Guldeniz.

    +Experience is the most important criteria for this short tournament.

    I would pick;






    Last summer, Orge had some personal problems, she got divorced...She asked some time off during VNL but Gio put her out for all summer. There is not a big problem between Orge and Gio.

    During VNL 2018, Kubra asked some time off cause of same problems with Orge. Gio didn't invite her to WCH. Kubra was on the roster for VNL'19 and ECH'19. I hope Orge will be part of OQ roster as well.

  • Nerimam has been playing as OPP for the last 2 seasons. I think she should play as OPP if she plays at all.

    Gamze is having a great season. She's just not the main setter because of Motta

    But I disagree that Cansu is not having a good season. She was superb in the Cup and Against Gala.

    Fatma has barely played. And Seyma has actually done better than the 2 starting OH (their reception is simply terrible) ... Seyma is just not a starter b3cause she's Turkish.

    Might be too late for Tugba. I think Gui will go with the same roster from the ECH...only new addiction would be Neriman.

    Biggest worry should be Meliha. She's really struggling so far. Hopefully she can get it together.

  • ??

    42% is very good for a OPP. Especially if she's taking a lot of swings.

    It is good but not enough, at least if she is playing in VVSL and if GS is aiming to come to top 3. There are many balls she simply plays with fingers over the net to not reduce her ratio I think, which is not a bad idea though. I am more annoyed by her serves & defense though.

  • It is good but not enough, at least if she is playing in VVSL and if GS is aiming to come to top 3. There are many balls she simply plays with fingers over the net to not reduce her ratio I think, which is not a bad idea though. I am more annoyed by her serves & defense though.

    Boskovic and Vargas had some games with hitting % around 40%. Haak below that against the Top teams.

    Even in Italy Egonu is usually the only one hitting above 50%. Buy last season when she was getting 60-90 sets per game, her hitting % was around 40%, and sometimes below that.

  • That's why I totally disagree with that logic, that being the best score does not mean anything, and a player is only putting up numbers b3cause she's playing 5 sets.

    The more you play, the harder it is to score and even harder to end the game with a good hitting %.

  • I am happy to see both Neriman and Güldeniz back to the roster.:rose::heart: Both are very experienced and that's what matters in such a short but important tournament. I don't think Gui would be crazy and take Tuğba instead of Güldeniz. Indeed Güldeniz does not only receive well but also her defense makes a big difference in crucial moments.

    To me the roster should be as following:

    Setters: Naz-Gamze

    Naz is the obvious choice, she is slowly getting into her best shape and I hope she will reach her top form in January:obey: I am not happy with Cansu's performance and I agree with Meatballs about her lack of blocking skills, it killed the team several times. Gamze is not a blocking machine neither but definitely better than Cansu, also her serves are better. Ezgi is not having a good season. I was excited to see finally what she can do while she is playing as starter but I am not impressed so far. To me Çağla Akın is surprisingly doing well. She has such a great connection with her MBs and she sets a lot of times to them.

    Opp: Neriman-Ebrar

    I would trust Neriman as starter more than Meryem. Meryem is, as mentioned here before, one of those players who plays good in low level teams but never delivers in a top team. She can get 1000 points, I don't care (tutku Burcu Yüzgenç is 3rd best scorer of the league but it doesn't change the fact that she is a very bad player with 31% attacking ratio). I am sure Neriman could carry this team against top teams if she would play as Opp. Alternative is using Neriman as OH and Ebrar opp, which is not a bad idea. I just don't want to see Ebrar as OH and Neriman as Opp in this case.

    OHs: Güldeniz-Meliha-Hande-Şeyma

    Güldeniz should definitely be there. Seyma is not having a great season but at least she plays more often than Fatma does and I would still rely her more than Tuğba.

    MBs: Eda-Zehra-Aslı are obvious choices. Aslı with her amazing performance so far can even force the starting spot of Zehra. 4th MB is open to discussion. I don't expect Kübra to be ready till January. Probably Yasemin Güveli would be the best choice as 4th MB.

    Liberos: Simge-Gizem Örge

    Indeed I would have picked Gizem Güreşen over Gizem Örge since first one is having a great season, surprisingly at even reception. But it seems like Guidetti thinks Ayça Aykaç is performing better than her right now:down:

    All in all, our setter, MBs and libero positions are safe ones with players who are performing well so far. However, the choice of OHs&Opp will make the difference. I hope Guidetti would be reasonable than emotional with his choices

  • Turkish wide roster 2020 OGQ

    Setters: Naz Aydemir Akyol (Fenerbahçe Opet), Cansu Özbay (VakıfBank), Çağla Akın (Galatasaray HDI Sigorta)
    Opposites: Meryem Boz (Aydın B.Şehir Bld.), Ebrar Karakurt (VakıfBank), Gözde Yılmaz (VakıfBank), Tutku Burcu Yüzgenç (Karayolları)
    Spikers: Hande Baladın (Eczacıbaşı VitrA), Meliha İsmailoğlu (VakıfBank), Şeyma Ercan (Türk Hava Yolları), Tuğba Şenoğlu (Atlasglobal Yeşilyurt), Fatma Yıldırım (Fenerbahçe Opet), Güldeniz Önal (Galatasaray HDI Sigorta), Neriman Özsoy (Toyota Queenseis)
    Middle Blockers: Eda Erdem Dündar (Fenerbahçe Opet), Zehra Güneş (VakıfBank), Yasemin Güveli (Eczacıbaşı VitrA), Aslı Kalaç (Galatasaray HDI Sigorta), Beyza Arıcı (Eczacıbaşı VitrA),
    Liberos Simge Aköz (Eczacıbaşı VitrA), Aylin Sarıoğlu (Fenerbahçe Opet), Gizem Örge (VakıfBank), Ayça Aykaç (Atlasglobal Yeşilyurt)

  • I think the roster looks quite fair! I only didn't like the libero choice, both gizem örge and Aylin Sarıoğlu are having bad seasons. And Ayça is a very limited libero, I don't see any improvement in her game for last couple of years. Indeed she might be the only player who didn't improve under the guidance of Guidetti:down:

    I think Gizem Karadayı should have been there, she has always been a great defender and this season she is very solid at reception as well👏🏼

    I hope Neriman would make it to the final roster

  • I agree on serdar about the roster. But Guidetti did not invite Gamze as 3rd setter when Ezgi is now out. I guess it is because they had problems in the past. Guess he did not invite Gizem Karadayi due to that as well.

    I am more surprised that he invited Guldeniz and Neriman after all the rumours that there were problems between them and Gui as well.