2022 FIVB Women's World Championships - Netherlands and Poland

  • I just want to say Tijana Boskovic is the greatest opposite of all time. simply impeccable.

    I completely agree. I've never seen an opposite like her. :drink:

    She has it all: huge physical and athletic power + exceptional technical skills. :obey:

    The way she moves her wrist while approaching the set in the slow motions is pure poetry. <3

  • Now can we manifest Drča to play in a big league please? Like Fenerbahce would have been sensible (fits more than Macris anyway) or go to Italy.

    From my memory in the past she was basically a Maja (tempo wise) but a very basic version without much creativity but she has evolved from nowhere this year:super:

    Also her improved connection with Stevanovic compared to VNL is definitely a reason for their result IMO

  • Just because it’s not Italy or Turkey doesn’t mean it’s not a big league. The Russian league is still very competitive and I’m sure she’s making a decent salary there.

  • Congratulations to Serbia and Brazil😇 Serbia played a phenomenal match and the whole tournament, and I have an impression Brazil, was amazed by Serbia's resistance, but applause for Brazil for a great tournament :super:

  • Congrats Serbia! They played really well & Boskovic is just the best attacker in the world. Outstanding. I am so happy for them. 👏🏽👏🏽👏🏽

    Another silver for Brazil but I am happy for them too. coach Ze is a great coach, developing this team post Tokyo and already ended up in 2 major competitions podium. 👏🏽👏🏽👏🏽

  • I went to the stadium today and absolutely loved the atmosphere. I was surrounded by screaming Brazilians and close to Tijana's family and it was great:saint:

    About the matches.. well I am happy that I got to see Japan-Brazil live earlier this week because that was for sure the most exciting one. But today was also fantastic especially because I really felt the tension of the final

    It was the first time i saw team USA (and KRob:love:) live but they were pretty bad unfortunately. Maybe even below what I expected. That last set being 24-20 up and couldn't even close it. Both Frantti and Poulter weren't in their match jersey indeed. They are in no way close to their Tokyo version of themselves

    Italy didn't play spectacularly good but they didn't need to either. I am happy Italy got another medal and especially for Egonu. Honestly Italy doesn't deserve someone like her if she's treated like this

    Also congratulations to Brazil! What i love about them is their dept of bench players. Almost everyone except the 3rd and 4th MB had their important moments throughout the tournament. Truly a team effort and silver is a great result

    Today was also the first time I watched Boskovic live. What an incredible player. Many pointed it out here already but she's just amazing. She was hitting over the block like crazy and tipped the ball at the most unexpected moments. Stevanovic was very good also and who would have thought that Mina Popovic of all people would make such an impact. All OHs were important for Serbia as well. Even Mihajlovic. Credits to Busa also for being a starting OH in back to back WCH finals and winning gold in both. Finally we must acknowledge Pusic performance and how good she is. It it not easy to take over S. Popovic role but the did it with no fear and very successfully

    I am okay with the dream team although Stevanovic and Busa really deserved an award!! But that would have meant no Italians

    Looking back I think it was a great tournament with lots of good (and some bad ;) matches. Unfortunately Netherlands didn't make it as far as I hoped beforehand but Carol made up for that. She also belongs a little bit to us in the end:rose:

    Let's look forward to another incredible club season!

  • I think it is, it's a major tournament so it makes sense for it to have some drastic results. But there are still a lot of loopholes in the system

  • Congratulations for Serbia team! Second time in a row they are champions! Boskovic is numer 1 in the world:rose::super:

  • WTF just happend, I was drunk as hell last night.

    Serbia WON IT :what::obey:


    Egonu drama;(

  • Heartbreaking. ;(

    I mean I got her and everything but She refused to take a photo with her teammates, whyyy ?!

    She is disappointed with fans, media and etc but this is her team.

  • Just because it’s not Italy or Turkey doesn’t mean it’s not a big league. The Russian league is still very competitive and I’m sure she’s making a decent salary there.