2022 FIVB Women's World Championships - Netherlands and Poland

  • Not like I give a crap about our women's team but Bulaich...

    a) gets constantly abused by colombian attackers when she blocks.

    b) can't receive any ball well.

    c) has been blocked/defended like 15 consecutive times already.

    Yet the coach doesn't sub her off? lol

  • Better for Serbia that Bulgaria os out.

    Brazil hás a much Win game tomorrow.

    Sadly Brazil hás a Very limites pool of OH in NT. Maira would bê great as defensive OH in this NT Season. I prefere Lorena Over Julia K.

  • Why? All points will be carried in second round.

    Só its my mistake. I Thought that only the points against the teams qualified for next round would bê counted

  • Any links for Belgium vs Ned?

  • Due to some circumstances, I am late 1 day in watching the matches, so while I haven't yet watched todays' with Kazahstan, I watched the one against Germany, so some thoughts on the first 3 matches

    It's very difficult to generalise much because the matches with Bulgaria and Germany were so utterly different, and not just in lineups. What didn't work against Bulgaria (and many things didn't) was either working great or was much better against Germany, But it's clear that the single biggest flaw is the lack of good blocking. Stevanovic was the only one who was semi-consistent in that department, and while Tijana and Bojana did a decent job of it with Germany, it's still frustrating how limp and ineffective our block often is.

    Maja Aleksic is clearly very nervous and scared, and affects not only her rhythm, but also makes her very clumsy-looking from time to time. But the "champion" in clumsiness is definitely Brankica: girl looks like the NBA stars after they got their talents stolen in the original Space Jam. Aside from spiking form, everything else looks like some random girl who has never seen volleyball court got pulled off the street. And it's visible from her body language how much it is killing her to make so many and such clumsy-looking mistakes (the amount of times her head dropped in defeat after an error in the last 2 matches would be funny if it wasn't sad). She always made a certain number of terrible-looking errors, but that didn't affect her self-confidence. Now that confidence is non-existent.

    While Busa had much fewer points against Germany, her % were still great for anyone's standards, let alone hers. I really, really hope she can keep that her form against Germany until the end of the competition (because it would be too much to ask for any more such performance as against Elitsa & Co.)

  • what’s your thoughts on how Tijana looks ? I think she’s in the best shape I’ve ever seen her in.

  • For once, Belgium didn't flop completely towards the end of a set (only a little):lol: If only they could have done that when playing against Italy

  • Where was this Belgium in the VNL and the Challenger Cup? Besides Van Gestel being injured there wasn't any other change right?

  • Where was this Belgium in the VNL and the Challenger Cup? Besides Van Gestel being injured there wasn't any other change right?

    I spoke way too soon lol