2022 FIVB Women's World Championships - Netherlands and Poland

  • Oh God poor liberoo, She was covering all court whole time and She made error at such important time ;(

  • What a pity. We were so close to do something amazing. Anyway it was amazing and with lot of emotions tournament. Thank you Polish girls:heart::rose:

  • brava poland

    You did such an amazing tournament

    In those moments is when we saw the top teams and their category and experience

  • Damn, why do all the great matches need to end in such anticlimatic ways...

    Well 3/4 "underdog" teams almost made a comeback/made it to the semifinals today, but at the end couldn't...

    Congrats Italy, USA, Brazil and Serbia!

  • I am so sorry for Stenzel, that will haunt her for a long time;(

  • Poland deserve this win honestly and i'm not indignant

    Congrats for the great tournament and crowd.

    No words for our game, i am waiting for the semifinal.

    Girls and Santarelli also have to do much much better.

  • Really sorry for Poland :( Amazing work, especially by Stysiak. And Wolosz is a true leader, she has been calm throughout the entire match.

    It was sad to see Rozanski being angry when she left the court at the end of the match.

    Btw, what was wrong with Lorenne in Brazil? She was not smiling or celebrating at all, looked like they forced her to play.

  • I’m feeling so sad, myyyy God this her saddest day EVER ;(

    Poor girl ||

  • The last two matches were thrilling! Unfortunately, somebody has to go home without a medal. My heart goes out for Poland and Japan. I hope this loss won't dishearten them. They may have lost but they did really well. I hope Poland continues with Lavarini.

  • I wanted Japan vs Poland for the gold but oh well.... Jk, there last 2 QF were so good to watch, congrats to all teams. Poland really gave their all, a loss but a great loss, I think they finished the tournament on a very positive note!

  • many brazilian were talking about the semis against Italy,that they should stop egonu and neutralize the mb

    I told one of them to calm down that they need to win the qf first,that it seems like in 2014 against usa that they were talking about the final before the semis

    He pissed off

    No one ever said that