Volleyball coaching levels in the world

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    I would like to write articles about volleyball coaches, their education and differences in countries.

    Please share with me informations about coaching "levels" in your countries from highest levels to lowest level.

    Thank you very much.

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  • Let me start by writing about the system our Volleyball Federation introduced in Bulgaria back in 2013. There were said to be 3 levels, from 1 to 3, with 1 being the highest. How exactly these were assigned, what kind of certificates/exams/skills candidates and current coaches had to show/demonstrate, is unclear, at least not publicly. I also don't know if that system is still valid in 2019.

    Jiri also meant that there is only 1 level in Poland, 6 in Italy, and 3 in the Czech Republic. Do you know more or can anyone confirm those?

  • In Germany you basically have three different levels for volleyball coaches (A,B,C).


    Level for starters (120 teaching units). You have at least to be 16 years old and during courses you obtain the basic skills of planning a training and teaching specific volleyball skills. After the course you have to do a written and a practical exam. Over here (Hamburg), C-license is mandatory for coaches of 5th division. This may slightly differ from country to country (e.g. Bavaria, Saxonia etc.)


    Generally, it is getting more specific here (60 teaching units). This license is mandatory for coaches of "Regionalliga" and "3. Liga". Again a written and a practical exam are being held.


    This license (90 teaching units) is mandatory for 2nd and 1st division coaches. In order to do the course you have to show that you held the B-license for at least two years and coached on an approbiate level. Generally, you have to do C->B->A. Former high-level players can shorten the way and start directly with the A-license.


    Once you hold a specific license, you have to attend a certain amount of clinics, in order to maintain your license. If you don't, your license will expire.

    More infos you can find here (in german): http://www.volleyball-verband.…trainerportal/ausbildung/

    If you still have questions, just ask.....

  • Thank you for your infos YavorD and TimHH .

    I found there are updates with coaching levels in Italy.

    There is also study of coach education in five countries (attachment)

    Will continue to get more informations. Please share with me also from other countries:)