• Not that I know, they will play 2 matches against Japan in the Netherlands.

  • Avital Selinger is the new coach of the women's talent team in the Dutch league.


  • No, sadly there will be no stream. Also the roster still isn't published:down:

  • As expected Timmerman, Oude Luttikhuis and Stoltenborg are out of the roster.

    So the roster will look like this

    S: Bongaerts and Dijkema

    Opp: Sloëtjes and Plak

    OH: Daalderop, Balkestein-Grothues, Buijs and M. Jasper

    MB: de Kruijf, Beliën, Lohuis and Koolhaas

    L: Schoot and Knip


  • Starting line-up for the Netherlands in the first friendly match against Japan:

    Dijkema - Sloëtjes

    Balkestein-Grothues - Buijs

    Beliën - de Kruijf


    I hoped Bongaerts and Daalderop would be the starting setter and outside hitter.

    Good thing is that de Kruijf finally playing in the orange jersey again!^^

  • The Dutchies won the match 3-2. Looking at the scores, they won the first two sets easily. The few points they shown on twitter, they changed the line-up and everyone got to play. Good to see everyone got to play. Also they got used to the heat in Italy, because for the first time in history it was 40 degrees or more in Netherlands:lol:

    Tomorrow they play another game against Japan

  • I just watched the match against Japan, I have mixed feelings about it...

    First of all, there was a lot of miscommunication and unforced errors and they give away a run of points. That can happen during qualification! A good thing is that Schoot finally seems to be the first libero. Beliën and de Kruijf played a good match! It's a great middle blocker duo. The setter should play the slide as much as possible, because they both are really good at it. They just needs to be a little bit quicker in block. I thought Dijkema played an okay match. Next to that the substitutes showed what they are capable of.

    What worries me the most is Sloëtjes. She could not even pass the Japanese block. Also Buijs can't impress me.

    During qualification it all comes down to reception and serve. When they receive good and can put service pressure on Italy, they have a chance to beat them.

  • During qualification it all comes down to reception and serve. When they receive good and can put service pressure on Italy, they have a chance to beat them.

    I think the only way for them to beat Italy is through strong serves. If they can serve them out of system, they may have a chance, otherwise it will take a miracle. But of course they have to receive well first:box:

    PS: I think Balkestein and Buijs will have a hard time passing Italy's block, so MBs and Sloëtjes have to step up!

  • Anne played first 3 sets okay, was better on friday I heard. But happy to see Robin and Yvon in topshape. But Sloetjes.... I agree, out of shape.... hope something will change the coming days...

  • I'm really excited for tonight's game! Also a bit nervous🙈I have a feeling that this game can go either way. But I have to say Italy really impressed me in yesterday's match. May the best team win! Both really deserve to be at the Olympics!:super:

    P.S. Judith Pietersen is working as commentator during this tournament and she also is nervous for the match tonight:heart:She had a short interview with her sister in law Chirichella.