Montreux Volley Masters 2019


    according to volleymasters unofficial roster page, the SUI 14 roster is as follows,

    S: 11# Sarah Trösch, 7# Méline Pierret, 20# Olivia Wassner

    OP: 1# Julie Lengweiler, 8# Maja Storck, 15# Chiara Petitat

    OH: 14# Laura Künzler (C), 3# Livia Zaugg, 9# Sarina Brunner

    MB: 6# Madlaina Matter, 4# Gabi Schottrof, 13# Xenia Staffelbach

    L: 5# Thays Deprati, 21# Mathilde Engel

    Anika Schwörer, Samira Sulser (both OPP), Elisa Suriano (OH), Flavia Knutti (L) were cut off...

    i may not be the tallest,
    the fastest, or the strongest,
    but at least i can do one thing better than anyone else,
    to be me...

  • Smart-Sport (D-Smart) ( Turkish pay-TV Brodcaster) is broadcasting Turkey-Switzerland and Japan-Chinia (Italy-Thailand possibly) matchs. It is difficult to find a link because this channel is pay TV but I'll try to find a link tomorrow. Source:I have a Dsmart and I looked to TV Schedule

  • Polsat Sport will broadcast All the matches.

  • Dehri Can Dehrioglu is there as head coach of Turkey.

    Turkey started with




  • Any livestream please? :drink:

  • Fatma and Şeyma were one level above everyone else and had literally 0 problem killing almost every single ball.

    Asli is just very limited imo, she always tries do give her all but considering this is Switzerland it shouldn't be that easy to use her block to block-out. She is great as serve-sub though.

    Gözde needed several balls before killing one finally but then killed most after.

    I'm happy NT season started :D I missed it

    It looks like Turkey might show up with a new team every day in Montreux.

  • Watching the Suisse girl receive the same exact kind of serve bad over and over again while what is to come is so obvious is a bit frustrating XD and she always does it the same way

  • Haha two the same mistakes, first in Swiss team, then in Turkish

  • Şeyma can't receive! She had a bad season and it continues. Aylin Sarioglu is looking too... Thick lately lmao she must watch that because she is much slower than normal too

  • I'm just scared they're serious about Gözde Yilmaz as starter lol even though I know they're not. you never know and she is so bad...

    Hande, Ebrar and Meryem are miles better

  • Guveli sent that ball out IMO