Montreux Volley Masters 2019

  • I wonder dont they have tall players like 190cm :what: I dont watch Thai league just curious. They mostly lost because of being short IMO

    It seems that not many female Thai players grow pass 183-84 cm in the volleyball field. Even those around that height, aren't many either. All those around that height seems to have been MB. However in the early 2000s, Thailand NT did have one MB that was around 187-89cm. Since then, all the Thai players has been 184 cm and below.

    The only girl player I know that is around 190cm(she is actually 198cm), is a teen girl nick named "Dream". But sadly, she only have the height and not the skills or power needed to be part of the NT........ she isn't being trained by the NT coaching staff and just developing on her own with her local school.

    At that rate, I think it will be in her early 20's before she is noticeable. Currently, just a tall and lanky 17 y/o girl, with tiny muscle mass, sluggish movements and basic volleyball knowledge.

  • i only caught the end of the 4th set of ITA x THA. this is the blondest ITA team ever!

    the nucleus of the THA team (nootsara, pleumjit, malika, onuma, wilavan, piyanut), they'll never retire! they'll still be playing in their 40's!

    that backslide set from nootsara to hyapha, on a bagher on a bad pass... that was incredible.

  • What I'm noticing from a lot of servers recently is serving it at the back row receivers neck. The moment the receiver hesitates to decide if it's going in or out is their demise.

    Probably nothing new, but I'm a slow learner :rolll:

    those are some wicked floaters, they're not aiming at their necks, it's just that sometimes it looks like the ball is rising, then suddenly it drops in... that's why they are so difficult to handle.

  • i've said this for years, pleumjit is just so amazing. for someone that is only 180 cm, she can be a monster blocker! and a big killer, with those crazy sets from nootsara from almost the 3 m line! those sets are so fast it almost looks like pleumjit jumps before the ball gets to nootsara...

  • I love Plumejit. I think she is one of a kind and Thailand won't be able to produce another like her for quite some time. Currently Thailand doesn't have very good sliders. Hattaya does ok with slides, but she is better at attacking in front of the setter. Thatdao has done slides, but her approach isn't the best and she is kinda slow when doing them too, that's why she is also better at doing zone 3 attacks. I think had they kept training Jarasaporn, she would've been the best slider prospect after Pluemjit.

  • Not only Pleumjit is just 180 cm she’s also 35 years old. She’s amazing.

    I don’t know why the younger Thai players are so prone to injury. Thatdao and Hattaya are still recovering from their injuries. That’s why PJ has to continue carrying the team.

    For the setters, Nootsara is the only ‘usable’ setter we have now with Pornpun and Soraya out from, again, injury =\

  • Japan NT is also amazing to watch, I mean their defence is phenomenal. I prefer a bit more Japan NT because they have much more experience about volleyball, I mean they can fight for the best place in OG and WCH if slightly comparing with Thailand NT. On the other hand, their style is too similar IMO, but Japan NT sometimes can be tougher opponent than Thailand NT. If they beat Italy NT in tie break they could play in semifinal of WCH.

    In my opinion, the Japanese and Thai styles are not that similar. The Thai team has decent floor defense (not excellent) and has varieties of strong attack. They, however, depend highly on quality of passing and the setter. If the passing is bad or the setter can’t perform well in any particular games, the whole system collapses. And their blocking is terrible ^^”

    The Japanese team has excellent floor defense and blocking skill. The attacking is not as strong as the Thai team. They probably have the best teamwork in any teams right now.

    They’re both super fast though :)

  • I like thai team but i dont like Japan team.Thai girls are so nice.they want to go to og but japna make some tricks to make thai out two is 2012,japan and serbia to play false wonder 2018 wch serbia play fake matches with japna to make brasil out.2016,it is more disgusting.i think thai people all know these things.hope they can go least,Thai girls cheer up for teamchina when china beat brasil in 2016

  • Very difficult combination with nearly no regular OHs (especially no one for substitutes).

  • Let me join for that, I see very different results.

    Germany 3-1 China

    Switzerland 0-3 Thailand

    Poland 3-2 Japan

  • After a terrible start from Germany they managed to play not all that bad in 1st set, mainly thanks to the individual class of Lippmann and Orthmann. But with this reception line-up we're not gonna win anything. Looks like Dürr is not fit to play at least today...