Montreux Volley Masters 2019

  • That's my favorite aspect of China A Team. Very few errors.

  • Li is still a good talent though, I think she'd do better as Opp eventually but playing as OH is also good learning experience for her.

    I doubt it, even though she's a lefty, she can't spike in zone 2 like she does in zone 4.

    China has a tradition of putting all the good prospects to play OH, in spite of their terrible passing skills, that's why their OPPs are usually less effective. But OTOH, most Asian teams are like this, with OHs being main attackers.

  • Lippmann with 29 pts (47%), Orthmann 13 (45%, 3 aces), on Chinese side Yingying Li 18 pts (49%).

  • I'm watching at livestream365. It has good sound and english commentary but the video could be better. Anybody watching good video with english commentary?

  • Pope is right. Both games (Switzerland vs. Thailand and Japan vs Poland) will be broadcasted by Polsat Sport today.


    Search for "Polsat Sport". The stream here is usually very good.

    But it is in Polish.

    :thumbup:Ooh, that's another good resource to have. I think I'll stick with 365 on this one. It's a little blurry but the frame rate is good, and I can learn some things from english commentators

  • Second set for Swiss team in this tournament. To be honest, I didnt expect that. Brave, young team. Maybe we will have another decent team in Europe soon.

  • Swiss are feeling it -

  • ahh well, that was short lived

  • Ebrar literally only player that I hate :S

  • Ebrar and guidetti makes Vakıfbank most likable club unfortunately:roll: