Montreux Volley Masters 2019

  • Any livestream for tonight’s semi finals?

  • livestream365 has it now. the polsat is better video, the livestream has english commentary

  • Poland looks absolutely ferocious

  • The referees are quite strict on rotation faults in Montreux, and the players are not quite used to this.

    I don't think teams really commit a rotation error. Referees call the error because setters or middles escape too early which is quite normal for most referees. I once had to swear to a referee after he called 3 errors on me in a match and claimed I was leaving too early. That actually shows how amateur referees are in Montreux unfortunately.

  • Germany did this to Swiss, too ... Tip tip tip. Lots of tipping in this tournament

  • Service errors are a bummer :P

  • Ceilings are a bummer , too :rolll:

  • What has happened to Onuma? She used to be very powerful hitter, seems like her best days have gone.:(

  • Thailand was just really out of sorts today. Poland was quite intimidating.

  • If Italy got the memo about Japan's vulnerability to middle attacks we're going to see a Euro-Final, I think.

  • Of course I have write this :D

    Grajber today 2/9 while Stysiak appeared today only three times for only a while and scored 3/3 plus one block. Also Martyna was very unstable today in reception.

    Our girls have huge potential and I hope this tournament will proof to the coach that Grajber is useless and too weak for top teams.

    Smarzek, 21p today, she is brilliant.