• Grbic rotated all his setters in VNL to the point where I felt even Todorovic isn't just enough.

    In my opinion, what he did wrong was not playing Batak from the start. He could've gain more experience and confidence while doing so. He only played him during week 5. That's not enough for someone so young.

    Jovovic shouldn't be a starter or even sit on the bench at all but he's the most familiar with the team and that probably stood in the way for Todorovic being on the first team. I see he tried Batak for the future but then again, Grbic lost all his trust on his setters so who knows what standards he placed on this young setter for him to surpass more experienced players.

    Let's just see how Jovovic plays in Russia. In my opinion, a stronger league might put some sense back into him.

    P.S. I don't see Kovac as an improvement to Serbia. In my opinion, if they can get Bernardi then go for that option.

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  • The new head coach of Serbia NT is Slobodan Kovac. Agreement was reached for the upcoming European championship and Olympic games qualification. After that, they will talk again.

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  • I was quite surprised about the decision to quit with Grbic, the ECH is so near.

    I used to like Grbic as a player so much, I wanted to ask if he has been so terrible as coach of Serbia?

    He has been recently fired by Verona too, it mustn't be an easy period for him..