RuPaul's Drag Race

  • I Looovee Adore , I was totally fangirling her back in the day, though her All Stars appearance was meh... And I mean Bianca, who doesn't live for her shade! I also love the messy queens like Gia and Laganja :lol: and I fell in love with Detox - unpopular opinion but she was my winner hands down for all stars 2. Nina Bonina Brown's looks give me life and her titty shake:love:

    Gosh, too many faves to call :Dso many colorful and amazing personalities.

    Adore was my all time fave though until All Stars 2

  • No allstars spoiler please! I only watched allstar4 but I heard allstart 2 was by far the best season ever. Among the regular seasons; my favourite one is season 6 and then season 5 although I am not big fan of Mansoon, I liked Rolaskatox:super:

  • omg WTH me and my friend had this conversation that we thought we were the only ones in the universe not into Jinx, and the only ones that did not hate Rolaskatox! Actually loved em. That makes 3 of us, seriously though the big majority of fans somehow like to Jinx.

    Sorry for little spoilers, I guess I can't undo that now :lol: I watched so far season 5,6,8,9 (bits of other seasons) and All Stars 2-3-4.

    Planning to rewatch all though and have seen some clips of other seasons.

    I also loved Season 5 & 6 and AS2

  • For some reason, Jinx didn't work for me. She was quirky and I like that but I would have definitely cheering for Rolaskatox. Everybody is going crazy about Katya&Trixie but my favourite besties from Rupaul are Rolaskatox:super:Detox's look in the final was iconic:white:

    Why did you skip 7? It is full of fashion queens but it has some strong characters in that season.