Serbia NT 2019

  • Yep, she signed a 3-year contract last year. Unfortunately, from the bits and pieces I've heard, not only did she sign a 3 year contract instead of 2 (which is almost always a bad decision financially and career-wise in volleyball, at least for a star), but she also supposedly did it at a discount, as if the club was doing her the favour of signing her for that long so she returns the favour of agreeing to lesser salary! If that is good as she is at volleyball court, she is as naive as a child business-wise (and her financial advisor is robbing her blind by colluding with the club against her best interests).

    However, that may be an unfounded rumour (and I hope it is)

    Players not necessarily have only one criteria (money) while signing contracts. There are not many clubs who can offer same working environment to her. To me it makes sense to sign a long contract. It is a win-win to both sides

  • I loved to share with you guys one video, best of moments of Jovana Mirosavljevic from today matches between Jedinstvo and Vizura in 15th round of the Serbian Super league. She is 19 years old, amazing girl and big potential. She must to train and to learn a lot more, also she does not have a lot of cm but with explosivity and her amazing energy on court i hope that she will be successful and one of the most important grummet in Serbian national team.

    * i am sorry because of low quality of the video but youtube was the only way to share with you this video, originaly is way better....