Serbia NT 2019

  • Dimitrije Pušić speaks a good Chinese. His father is a Serb, and his mother is a Chinese, and he also came to China to study when he was young. Btw Serbia has visa-free policy for Chinese passport holder, as well as quite friendly to the Chinese people, thus that country is a popular destination for Chinese tourists. The bombed Chinese Embassy in the former Federal Republic of Yugoslavia is located in Belgrade, the capital and largest city of Serbia, such historical "monument" should tell lots of things incl. the many unspoken ones...

    Last winter (around mid/Dec) I had opportunity for a sightseeing trip to the Balkan region plus the adjacent BUL and ROM and visited Belgrade as well, a nice city and has the magnificent Orthodox Church, among the largest ones in the world!

    Dimitrije Pušić, the team manager of the Serbian National Women's Volleyball Team

    "The majority of men are not capable of thinking, but only of believing and are not accessible to reason but only to authority." -­ Arthur Schopenhauer

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  • Tomorrow Serbian u19 woment team will play against Romania and if they wins probably will play against Turkey in final and

    that would be one more derby of "Balkanian championship". Live stream are posible on the following link:

    channel of Turkey volleyball federation(Türkiye voleybol federasyonu)

    Schedule of play:

    Tuesday 2.7. - Serbia-Romania(16:00 Serbian time), Turkey-Montenegro(18:30)

    Wednesaday 3.7. - gold medal match(18:30)

    bronze medal match(16:00)

    Who will be watch let him pay attention on serbian setter(Perovic #9), serbian middle blocker(Glušac #10) and captain Mirosavljevic(outside hitter #12).

  • Wide roster for IOQT and for ECH

    setter: Ognjenovic, Mirkovic, Antanasijevic

    opp: Boskovic, Bjelica

    mb: Veljkovic, Aleksic, Popovic, Savic

    oh: Mihajlovic, Blagojevic, Busa, Milenkovic, Lazovic,Lozo

    l: S. Popovic, Pusic

    It is a bug suprise for me that there is not Zivkovic, Rasic, Stevanovic(at least one i expect).

    Anyway this roster is still very strong.

  • It is a bug suprise for me that there is not Zivkovic, Rasic,

    I think Terzić has an agreement with them to skip this year in NT.

    Olympic gold medal, Sydney 2000. : Vladimir Batez, Slobodan Kovač, Slobodan Boškan, Đula Mešter, Vasa Mijić, Nikola Grbić, Vladimir Grbić, Andrija Gerić, Goran Vujević, Ivan Miljković, Veljko Petković, Igor Vušurović - HC Zoran Gajić

  • This is the roster I would have picked myself ...So I`m happy...of course I wish Stevanovic was there, and she should be there. Hopefully she`s just mentally exhausted and truly needs this year off. I have seen a lot of her on Instagram around the other girls, and like we all know she was on a vacation with the Italians ...(saw a photo of her with Picininni on the ocean)....So she`s around and I don`t think she was any beef with anyone and that`s good.

    Zivkovic, it is not necessary to have her, Maja will be starting so just let Mirkovic gain the experience. This also make it officially that Ana with done with the NT.

    Rasic totally deserves to take this summer off. Her body needs to rest and she will be a lot stronger next year. And she`s playing with Maja next year...huge plus.

    I guess Antanasijevic and one of Busa, Milenkovic, Lazovic will get cut.

  • He talked about national pensions(the amount that player received as compensation for medals won between 1 and 3 average wages at the republic level depending on wich medal is in question and wich competitions). The content what he said is the player who refused at some point to play for National team and head previously played just a few seasons in nt should remain without national recongition in the form of pension after 41 years of age. He suggested that the recognition be obtained for the overall contribution to the national team, not for individual medal, and he also said that is unfair that coach are not include in recongition.(this decision has been in force since 2008, so Terzic with bronze Wch 2006, silver Ech 2007 was wearing national recognition). He did not appoint in interview but said he was ready if the association decides to file a initiative to disclose the names. He also said that ofc that not apply on players who in agreement with him demanded a temporary vocation or simply explained that due to years of age,.....they are no longer able to play for nt.

  • Uhm, that interview... Something IS up. He flat out said that there have been some players who spent a few years on the NT, won medals (and national pensions) and then walked out on the team without looking back and offering any explanation. He says such players should be stripped off their national pensions and has already informed the Serbian Volleyball Federation of his opinion and gave them the specific names, although he doesn't want to say it in public.

    So Stevanović has to be one of them, right? She totally fits the profile. Not a very long time on the NT (compared to some other players), refused to play with no explanation.

    I don't know who else it can be. I still insist that what Brakočević did after Rio wasn't fair, but he can't be referring to her, as she had been on the team for a long time and he even said he understood her decision and would welcome her back any time.

    Malešević and Živković have also been on the team for quite a while.

    Antonijević? She's entitled to the national pension as the ECh '11 champion, but we all know how complicated her relationship with the NT has been after that. But she was on the team as recently as last year, and they spent this season together in Fenerbahce, so it would be kinda weird if he was talking about her.

    I hope he's not referring to the ancient Spasojević fiasco, because I swear to God I couldn't handle another round of that.

    And there I was, thinking how nice it was not to have any scandals in our women's volleyball for years. :wall:

  • I really hope he`s not talking about Stevanović . She`s too young and too good and they really need her. Would be such a shame if she won`t play for the NT anymore. But I agree with you it makes more sense it is her since she`s young and health and there`s no reason why she would not want to play unless she`s dealing with something that we don`t know.

    But I think it could be Zivkovic also. Maybe the plan was to have her starting for the first 3 weeks and not even have Maja at all on the VNL list, so maybe she wanted the time off for the honey moon and did not even ask him or just assumed that would be fine. She`s been with the team for a while, but is not like she has played a lot.

    I doubt that would be Malesevic because she was dealing with health problems all season long. So her taking the summer off is totally understandable.

    Oh well....I just hope he can resolve this problem and Stevanovic comes back for the WC or next year.

  • Why Spasojević didn't play at NT after 2007?

    Because she refused to play on the WC 2007 and as Terzic was said she lied about her injury as reason for non playing at that competition. Terzic surely think on Spasojevic when he talked about national pension.(i don't agree with him about her)a also think that he maybe think on Stevanovic but not on Malesevic and Zivkovic. He on the start of the season said that Malesevic will not play during this seasons in agreement with him. Also similar story is with Zivkovic, he said that she definetly not playing at VNl and the rest of the season is a question. On the other hand he clearly said that Maja joing the team for IOQ. I hope that he did not think on Brakocevic because she was played for nt for 10 years(2 OG, 3 WCH, 4 ECH, 4WGP, several European league) and she had a child and what ever you love your country reasonably is that you want spend more time with your child.

  • I don't think he is referring to Stevanovic. First i was also weirded out why would he even talk about that topic now, but i guess it's a popular topic in Serbia xD He first says that he truly believes that it doesn't exist in the current volleyball team (and Stevanovic was around like five months ago) but in the past there were rare situations where the girls would after short time say that they don't want to play anymore.But why would Stevanovic do that just before OI, everyone wants to be in OI , right? I hope he will be straightforward about the situation with her

  • Stevanovic has been posting some workout videos and saying she can't wait for the season with Scandicci to start. I guess she will be joining them very soon if she hasn't already joined them.

    She looks healthy and good to go. Will be hard for her to make a case next summer for s comeback, but that makes me think she might not even want to come at all... Makes no sense that she would take the summer off before the OG (she's not Rasic).

    And actually it is not right for her to leave her team when they actually need her.