Serbia NT 2019

  • World Club Champions she played in Moscow vs a Japanese club. You must have seen her there.

    You confuse a lot of WCCh players :lol:

  • Roster for FIVB World Cup in Japan:






    And Aleksandar Vladisavljev as head coach

    *Same team as team which played at second and third week of VNL just less Kubura and plus Kocic.

    *I expect some good things for this team to show.

    First team for me should be:



    Lazovic-Buša( i like to see Milenkovic-Lazovic together on court but that is quite imposible know Vladisavljev and Terzic strategy)


  • That's actually a pretty strong squad. They might actually do some damage in the World Cup,

    Perhaps an unpopular opinion, but I would play with Lozo as starting opposite rather than Bjelica

    Agree, I know Bjelica is been with the team for such a long time and there goes more to her being with them then just performance.

    But honestly, from what I have seen I would invest more in players like Lozo, Kubura etc. in upcoming years for Serbia. There is more potential there imho compared to Bjelica. They are not bad at all!

  • well, let's see what Bjelica will do. I don't expect them to beat any top team sInce they are sending mostly A team.

    So I will be keeping a eye mostly on individual performances. And if Bjelica can't score at least 10 points against the top teams, that will certainly show she can't help them in Tokyo.

    I'm surprised Kubura did not make it. But I like how Terzic has been keeping as many OH on the roster as he can. Just like ECH 5 OH Vs 3MB.

  • Bjelica does not my favourite player definetly but she surely better than both of Kubura and Lozo. Kubura is so slow, and her attack and service looks sluggish, Lozo is just an average player for me and i dont see potential in either. I know that Bjelica can misses(low attack percentage) but she does not make a lot of mistakes, she has experience, and has a good vibe for me, solid block and service and valuable defence. So for me Bjelica should be a number one opposite without any thinking.

    I hope that Serbia will show one versatile way of play with stable reception, and equal number of attacks on ends and middle of the net.

  • Bjelica already made a statement against Brazil.

    Part of the reason she does not play well with A team is mostly because she only gets "garbage"time play mostly. But as a stable "starting" role she`s much better. Busa and Lazovic were amazing and passed really well. Mirkovic had some good moments, but she was nervous and had some shaky sets while Pusic had some really poor reception at times, hopefully they can better as the tournament goes on.

    I just wish they had played with Mina Popovic instead of Savic for this game.

  • Serbia has so many equally good options on OH position. MB's attacks were missing, but it will surely get better over time, Savic-Mirkovic had one training together before this match . Mina Popovic probably couldn't recover in time as she played almost whole ECH, but i hope she can play tomorrow, she could help a lot. They showed a nice game :mirror:

  • IMO Serbia will be the biggest winner of this World Cup - sending their young players to play against strongest teams in strongest rosters is priceless and will help them to develop the next generation. I want to congratulate you already. The only worry for you is setter position.

  • I enjoy to watch this team of Serbia. Popovic-Aleksic is very solid blockers duo and i hope that Aleksic will working on her attack skils while her block ability is already on very high level. Blagojevic is master mind outside hitter and we all knows everything about her skills, she is very stable player maybe not amazing but is very valuable for any team. Busa is so confident and calm, mental power is her good side and she improve from tournament to tournament, Lazovic is still young(actually not to young for volleyball) but she still play like a junior talented player and she must ripen and i hope it happens in next season(first season abroad). Milenkovic is still shaky and she need playing time to back her confidnet againg on the same level like as was before injury. For me Lozo is not stuff for Serbian national team(she is not too bad but she is simply an average player with average level in all skils).Pusic is not great on this tournament but she already shows how she can play and i think that she play better from game to game.Gocanin played a bit. I dont know what to say about Mirkovic. My opinion about her as a player is very variable, i am undecided whether or not i like how she plays or not and that is how i would desribe her play, on the moment undecided and mistakable but on the other side she suprise me from time to time. Djordjevic is very talented and i wish to see her more on court she promises to me i like her at all, good serve, lot of confident, fast sets.(alongside Rada Perovic and Veselinovic, i have the highest hopes on her in future). On the end Bjelica as captain of this team, and she plays exactly like that she is amazing on this tournament. She is always with national team since 2011 and she never refused or asked for a break althought she was always in the shadows of Brakocevic, Boskovic. I wish more than anything to see Brakocevic again in National team but it is almost impossible and i will be happy to see bjelica finaly on the olympic games

  • I did have some doubts about Bjelica, but she already scored 20+ in the first 2 games, and I love her attitude on the court.

    The thing with Mirkovic is that she can give some really bad sets sometimes, especially during long rallies, she needs to be more careful and not overthink during those moments. But I always like her decision club she set the middles a lot more, but with the NT we all know Terzic does not like setting the middles much.

    I agree about Pusic, her reception has been very shaky so far, but in the ECH she did great. Her defense is always really good.

    Aleksic has so much talent, and it is hard to find middle blockers that can actually block these days. She needs to work on attack for sure, but the thing is...she won`t get any better from playing in Romenia.....I`m not even sure if she will be starter or will be backup again like last season. She should be playing in a better league. I`m happy Busa and S.Popovic will be playing together, but I`m afraid their level will drop this upcoming season.

    Lazovic has been amazing. After the ECH I thought she was the 5th OH, but so far she`s been great both in reception and attack. Who knows, she could easily get ahead of Milenkovic and Blagajevic by next season. But Milenkovic should be 100% next season hopefully.

    They already challenged Brazil and USA...and I believe with the exception of China, they are capable of challenging everyone else.

  • I don't believe any of you people truly believe Serbia's "B" Team isn't fully capable of challenging everyone (except China). It's all a smokescreen of pre-excuse making in case they lose :rolll: They are all good players with a capable, if gum-chewing, coach (I know he's not here at WC, but ...). Scientifically they're not as good as the A Team, but fuck that noise.

    On the other hand, at least some of you believe that Serbia's "A" Team can't be expected to win anything unless Maja is there. You're all weird. Get it together, go out on a limb. Know hope. Know love. Fail sometimes. Stop with the fear and excuses. It's all good volleyball :!:You win some, you lose some.


  • I mean, I'd like nothing better than for Serbia to have two teams equally capable of beating everyone else, but that's simply not realistic.

    This is a decent squad, with a couple of seasoned troopers and role players, a couple of players knocking on the door of the A team and then the rest are (mostly) talented but also young and/or woefully inexperienced - look no further than the 2nd libero who plays in the SECOND Serbian league, and you can easily imagine the level of competition there. Or you can't, rather. It's not reasonable to expect them to stand their ground time and again against players who have several Olympics and other major tournaments behind them and have been a part of the elite for years.

    I'll be disappointed if they get thrashed repeatedly and go down without a fight, but they're clearly not world beaters and should not be burdened with those expectations. This is mostly a learning experience and an opportunity for them to show what they've got and impose themselves. I hope they use it well. So far, not bad.

  • To me, they should be beating Argentina and a win over Korea or Dominican Republic would be a pretty good achievement. Some of the top teams are not in great form so perhaps they can get a few more points, but really there should be no great expectations and I’m pretty impressed with what I’ve seen so far. It’s not about looking for excuses, just being realistic.

  • Maybe it's difficult when your A team "can beat" (and probably will beat) every team, to accept much of a step down from that. But being "competitive", "capable of beating", and "able to challenge" ... that's enough for a lot of us to root for with our chosen teams. I know you all will root for who's here, but this Serbian world is so tactical and dissecting about everything instead using more flower power. You're like China. You know, the other A Team who "can beat" (and probably will beat) every team.

  • I'm just having fun with you guys. We should all be so lucky :drink:

    When I write things like you should all be using "more flower power", and "you're all weird, Know Love", it's meant as a tell, that I'm not being (too) serious :)

  • I'm just having fun with you guys. We should all be so lucky :drink:

    When I write things like you should all be using "more flower power", and "you're all weird, Know Love", it's meant as a tell, that I'm not being (too) serious :)

    I never thought this day would come but you are falling in love with Euro volley :white::dance6: