Serbia NT 2019

  • Bjelica - Tied with Goncharova for best score (209 points). If there were any doubts about her, she left no doubt that she deserves the backup spot. And playing for Osasco will just improve her game even more, as Osasco has great fans and there`s always a lot of pressure. I`m just not sure if she will play OPP or OH, but she is certainly stronger than Casanova for the OPP position. She was truly outstanding.

    Mirkovic - I know she still make mistakes and sometimes her sets are off. But she`s still only 23. She`s tall and strong . Djordjevic looks like a 10 year old out there, she needs to get stronger. Cirovic is amazing but she`s short , Antanasjevic can be very good. So I think Mirkovic is the one be invested.

    Mirkovic is very creative and she`s not afraid to take a risky. This is something you can not teach a setter, while the quality of sets is something that can and will be worked on.

    When was the last time we saw Serbian middles getting so many sets??...It`s been a while. Of course 2 girls reception does not allow that to happen very often, but when they played without Mihajlovic and with Zivkovic VNL 2018, she would set Boskovic every single ball.. Same thing would have happened with they played with Zivkovic this WC, Bejlica would have taken 10000 swings, while the middles would get nothing.

    Mina Popovic - She was already one of my favs, now I love her even more. To be very honesty I would take her over Stevanovic right now even if she comes back. Popovic is a very smart hitter. She just needs to improve her blocking. And she`s still young....she will just get better and better.

    Pusic - She was great at the ECH, but her reception here was a big let down, everyone was targeting her and that`s not good for a libero. She really need to improve, but it is so hard for liberos to play in good leagues. Anyone knows where she`s playing next season?

    BUT..she`s a amazing digger/defender.

    Gocanin did not play much at all, but against DR she showed good reception skills.

    I agree that Kocic looks lost out there. She comes off like she`s a super shy girl and is scared of people....That`s not good. Hopefully she can work on that. And Yeah Savic was super disappointing, maybe both of them did like they did because they were apart from the group during the ECH, and did not have much time together before.

    I still like Lozo, she can attack well. But I`m assuming she`s not playing in any good league next season.....that won`t help.

  • Busa - Lazovic - Milenkovic - Blagojevic

    The good thing here is that Serbia has options. And I just know that Busa should certainly make it to Tokyo, but I don`t know which of the 3 I would leave behind, and that`s a really good thing. I would lean towards of taking Blagojevic because she`s more experienced and she`s very smart. Milenkovic had some ups and downs, but after a full season I hope to see her 100% next year. Lazovic is certainly the more aggressive attacker and she can receive, but since they play with MIhajlovic the other 3 are ahead of her. But at the same time she could be Mihajlovic`s backup.

    I really did not understand why Busa did not play more. Maybe she was not feeling 100%. But I think would have been great for her to play as much as she could just like Bjelica did. The more reps, the more you improve.

    At the end of the day all 4 (even Lozo) got to play, and that was great.

    Anyways.... I felt like the level in the World Cup was terrible. China was the only team that showed good volleyball.

  • Setting so many sets to mbs was not due to mirkovic's being very creative, it is because there wasn't anyone like boskovic or mihajlovic in the wings. Of course any setter would play with many sets to mbs when the ohs are busa and blagojevic🤣

  • If Mirkovic sets the middles is because she does not have strong wing spikers....if does not set the middles she`s a bad setter.

    Bjelica played just like Boskovic would. And Busa-Lazovic mostly like Mihajlovic. Against Brazil Busa scored 19 and Lazovic against China 13.

    No wondering why for the past season usually Chemik`s best score were the middles, and they did not have the same middles both season. So I guess Mirkovic was setting them because Smarzek and Stysaki were super weak. :woohoo:

    Anyways....I blocked that troll.... Personal insults is something not needed. <3

  • Nikola Jovović said that the women's team inspired them to repeat their achievement and win the gold. :) They all always say how they look up to each other and push each other to be better all the time. It's really great and it's probably the only sport in Serbia where men really treat their female counterparts as their equals.

  • I was recently doing a research into how many medals each of the players have won in the NT, and who is the most decorated one. I don't know if anyone will be interested, but the following can serve as a reference point for medal winners for Serbian NT. I included only OG, WCh, WC, ECh and WGP, and not European League or the ill-fated European Games. If we count only the aforementioned 5 biggest competitions, Serbia has won 12 medals (all but 2 in the last 8 years).

    Maja Ognjenović 10

    Milena Rašić 9

    Tijana Malešević 9

    Jelena Nikolić 8

    Silvija Popović 8

    Stefana Veljković 8

    Brankica Mihajlović 8

    Suzana Ćebić 7

    Bojana Živković 7

    Ana Bjelica 7

    Bianka Buša 7

    Tijana Bošković 7

    Jovana Brakočević 6

    Jovana Stevanović 6

    Nataša Krsmanović 5

    Brižitka Molnar 5

    Teodora Pušić 4

    Mina Popović 4

    Bojana Milenković 4

    Ana Antonijević 3

    Jelena Blagojević 3

    Sanja Malagurski 3

    Nađa Ninković 3

    Vesna Čitaković 2

    Maja Simanić 2

    Anja Spasojević 2

    Jasna Majstorović 2

    Ana Lazarević 2

    Slađana Mirković 2

    Maja Aleksić 2

    Aleksandra Ranković 1

    Ivana Đerisilo 1

    Ivana Isailović 1

    Jovana Vesović 1

    Katarina Lazović 1

    Edited the list after some debate, and thanks to Joana's tip.

  • The first tournament that Bjelica played for senior NT was the World Cup. So she wasn't at the WGP

  • If my memory serves right, she played in the World Cup 2011, I remember that Citakovic was registered on the wild roster as #11, so Stefana had to wear #17. I may be wrong though but I'm quite sure about it.

    You are right, Emil. I just checked, and she definitely played in WC 2011. Hmm, that means we are back to square one.:pinch:

  • If my memory serves right, she played in the World Cup 2011, I remember that Citakovic was registered on the wild roster as #11, so Stefana had to wear #17. I may be wrong though but I'm quite sure about it.

    Oh yeah, that's right! She missed the GP and ECh that year, but came back for WC.

    Honestly, that tournament remained kinda blurry for me since the moment Malagurski got injured. :gone:

  • How sure are you that she missed WGP (she definitely missed ECh)?

    I'm 100% sure, because I remember the discussion on this forum if she was boycotting the NT like Spasojević and Đerisilo were at the time. ;) I believe she was on the wide roster, but didn't actually get to play.

    Anyway, these are the players the Serbian Volleyball Federation credits with the GP '11 bronze:


  • That cometition(wgp 2011)is maybe favourite one from that era. I remember that we win Usa and China(i think 2 times-one in preliminary round and one 3-2 wins in final round). And at that competition, Malagurski shine on the OH possition(because Jelena Nikolic played just a final round). And after that horrible injury at World Cup against Korea. I cant forget that moment. That injury just marked her career in future.

  • Yeah, definitely a nightmarish day for Sanja, she’s never as good as she was after that injury.

    I also remember how Terzic encouraged Ana Antonijevic by saying she also could be really good as starter, not only Maja is great but so is Ana :heart: