Serbia NT 2019

  • Yeah, definitely a nightmarish day for Sanja, she’s never as good as she was after that injury.

    I also remember how Terzic encouraged Ana Antonijevic by saying she also could be really good as starter, not only Maja is great but so is Ana :heart:

  • I'm 100% sure, because I remember the discussion on this forum if she was boycotting the NT like Spasojević and Đerisilo were at the time. ;) I believe she was on the wide roster, but didn't actually get to play.

    Anyway, these are the players the Serbian Volleyball Federation credits with the GP '11 bronze:


    So, the 14th player was Ana Lazarevic. She never once appeared on any of the official match reports in the final round, nor is she credited for it on her wiki entry. Thanks again. I'll edit the list (hopefully for the last time:lol:).

  • She definetly missed both of Wgp and Ech in the 2011. I checked every single match report from the Wgp 2011 and she did not on the list.…chInfoF.asp?Tourn=WGP2011

    Yes, but if you study it further, you'll see that only 13 names are ever mentioned in those reports. That means one medal winner is left out. That was the (main) source of confusion in compiling this list.

  • That cometition(wgp 2011)is maybe favourite one from that era. I remember that we win Usa and China(i think 2 times-one in preliminary round and one 3-2 wins in final round). And at that competition, Malagurski shine on the OH possition(because Jelena Nikolic played just a final round). And after that horrible injury at World Cup against Korea. I cant forget that moment. That injury just marked her career in future.

    It's my favourite tournament too! Rašić was playing like a monster, that summer was her big breakthrough. Brakočević on top of her game, Malagurski killing it on the OH position (as well as being able to substitute Brakočević as the OPP, as we saw later at ECh), Krsmanović playing the best and most consistent volleyball of her life, Molnar carrying the reception as well as being able to contribute in the attack, both setters doing a great job... Great memories :love: They played amazing volleyball at that GP, even better than at ECh a couple of months later when they were just too nervous in front of their home crowd.

    The problem with that particular roster is that it wasn't very deep, as Nikolić was injured and didn't play at all, although she was with the team and there were basically just two MBs, after Čitaković refused to play in the last moment and Ninković was too inexperienced at that point.

    But with all of them healthy, Stefana's comeback and Brankica's addition in 2012, the team could have been a serious contender for an Olympic medal. Sadly, it wasn't meant to be.

  • You are right, for all of it. I just recently rewatched the quarterfinal, semifinal and final of 2011 ECh, and was just struck how good Krsmanović played, much better than I remembered. Even the quintessential "less bright star" of that generation, Molnar was holding really, really well (I can only imagine you are familiar with all the "Molnar plays, but Spasojević/Čitaković/Đerisilo are not good enough for Terzić" incessant complaints from that era.:whistle:

  • I know, but you said that her first senior tournament was WC 2015, which is definitely not true, and in addition, this still does not answer whether she played in Final Round of WGP 2011 (14th player was either her or Stefana).

    No. I said her first tournament was the World Cup, and by that I mean in 2011.. when she got to play quite a lot because both Malagurski and Brakocevic were injured

  • Maja is pretty much universally regarded as our best female volleyball player ever here in Serbia. Tijana is thought to have the potential to surpass her one day, but not this early in her career.

    As for the list, it's pretty weird (and kinda funny) to think that Malesević is among 3 most decorated players ever. To make matters ever weirder, she achieved that by the time she was 27 (however, right now it doesn't seem she will increase her total any more). At the right place at the right time, perhaps (after all, her year of birth is right in the middle of our best generation ever)?

    Another weird stat is that the likes of Živković and Buša have more medals (in some cases, more than twice as much) than the likes of Brakočević, Čitaković and Spasojević, who are considered much better players, and who are generally much better known, but that's the story of that 2006-2013 generation in a nutshell.

  • As for the list, it's pretty weird (and kinda funny) to think that Malesević is among 3 most decorated players ever. To make matters ever weirder, she achieved that by the time she was 27 (however, right now it doesn't seem she will increase her total any more). At the right place at the right time, perhaps (after all, her year of birth is right in the middle of our best generation ever)?

    The funniest thing about her is that she holds the Serbian record for the most games played in Grand Prix. Almost twice as many as Brakočević, Veljković or Nikolić! Obviously, that record is not going to be broken anymore :lol: I guess it shows her status - she was always good enough to be taken to the competition, but never quite enough of a big deal to be spared in the less important matches. But it is strange how her career completely tanked just when it seemed she was finally coming into her own for real. Although, that stat can probably explain her mental burnout, to an extent at least. 77 games over 7 editions of Grand Prix is A LOT of travelling, and that's even before you start taking into account everything else she played at the time.

    Speaking of Čitaković, her ill-fated comeback in 2011 left such a bad taste for me. She basically threw a hissy fit and left the team because she wasn't going to be a starter over Rašić and Krsmanović. I mean, it's obviously not something she actually said, but it was perfectly clear what happened and I'll never forget her "I don't know what I want, but I know what I don't want" line. :aww:It only contributed to the horrible atmosphere around the women's volleyball team in the Serbian public at the time (and in hindsight started this awful trend that Antonijević, Brakočević and now possibly Stevanović followed), as most people enjoyed bitching about Terzić more than actually watching the sport. I was so glad when the girls responded to it by playing brilliantly and winning two medals that year, shutting everyone's mouths.

    And then of course the disaster of 2012 struck and we were back to square one.

  • OMG, you are so right that she set a precedent in that! I never thought of it that way. I mean, I obviously knew that that was what basically happened, but it never registered for me that she was the first to quit on the team because of not wanting to be a reserve to anybody. Such a sad legacy for a player who was a long-standing captain of the team, and a captain when our NT first broke through on the world stage (and for a woman who honestly seems to live and breathe for volleyball, and whose dedication to it is only matched by Maja among all the 2006-2008 players).

    In fact, now that I think about it, I'm pretty sure that Vesna served as a direct inspiration for at least Antonijevic, since it was after that 2011 when the latter decided to simply not show up whenever Maja was playing. Some of those years can be accounted for by her injuries, but not all. Not even half, despite the benefit of the doubt she was given by most people in this country (it was only after 2017 that it became perfectly obvious why she only ever played in that year post-2011).